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John & Dawn Hart,
Cripple Creek, CO

John and Dawn Hart have a unhappy tale to tell. They bought a home from NorthStar. The home is located in Cripple Creek. They closed on the house January 15, 2001. The financing broker was Grand West Financial. Somehow, the financing fell thru and they found themselves living in a house on which they had no mortgage. Hey Kevin, how does this sort of thing happen? Could it be that you're not competent?

The original closing date was to be July 15, 2000. There have been multiple delays and overruns. Sherry Beeler, "Executive Assistant" to Doug and Barbara, repeatedly blamed the lack of progress on everyone except NorthStar.

They have nothing positive to say about Grand West Financial or it's CEO, Kevin Marks. They feel Grand West has cost them thousands of dollars in interest. Additionally, they believe that Monica Wasden, president of Rocky Mountain Construction Lending, tried to overcharge them several times.

On the positive side, they said that Summit Crest Homes has sent a work crew twice to fix the problems that NorthStar should have fixed in the first place. Again, an example of Summit Crest cleaning up after NorthStar.

When they were first listed on this site, in February 2001, they were still witout a mortgage. Kevin Marks threatened to foreclose on them and evict them if they didn't get their names removed from the web site. Doug Robbins had John call, while in Doug's office, to have their names removed from the web site. Doug Robbins threatened them with a 1.5 Million Dollar lawsuit if they didn't have their names removed. Reptutable brokers and contractors do not need to resort to threats of this nature. We note for the record, that neither Kevin Marks or Doug Robbins had the balls to confront us concerning what was being said. We heard that both Kevin and Dour were last seen wearing dresses as they both left the state.

We find it interesting that neither Kevin Marks or Doug Robbins have threatened us about the web site, but they threaten others. Why? Cowards seek easier targets.

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Karen and Mike are willing to give someone the opportunity to rebut anything said on this web site about them.

We will post that rebuttal, provided it is in good taste, sent it is to us in a format that can be copied, and it addresses the issues. We will not alter the rebuttal unless the content forces us to do so. Karen & Mike are the only ones responsible for the content of this web site. For those who really, really don't like what we say here, consider reading Paragraph I of the Colorado Court of Appeals decision concerning this web site, where the Court stated:

"...the website constitutes protected speech or press under the First Amendment."

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