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"...or maybe you don't actually live in the trailer at the location..."

The Park County property records, http://www.parkco.org/prop2.asp?ScheduleNumber=8617, classify our home as a "Manufactured Home".

It appears that shhIT is so stupid that he/she thinks a "Manufactured Home" can only be a trailer. It should be more properly called a "Modular Home" but it is not a trailer. It sits on a standard foundation and was manufactured from wood. The difference is that is was built at another site and transported to this site.

But we ask shhIT, what difference would that make if we were living in a trailer? From your obvious distain it appears that you do not live in a trailer but your lack of intelligence shows that any fool can live in an expensive home.

And does Re-Bath even upgrade trailers? We do not know nor do we care. Read our next link.

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