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"...with an assessed valuation of the magnificent sum of $152,087..."

The Park County property records, http://www.parkco.org/prop2.asp?ScheduleNumber=8617, gives our home and property an assessed value of $152,087. shhIT derides this "value" as being a "magnificent sum".

To understand the shallowness of the depth of this person, you have to understand that property values in Phoenix and Tucson Arizona are astronomical. Not only are houses built one right on top of another, the land is incredibly expensive. As a result, what other people do routinely, like going out to a nice restaurant for dinner, is also very expensive.

It appears that shhIT is of this artificial southwestern culture of big money. The letter writer probably lives in an expensive home, drives an expensive car, and looks down at those who have less, or what is perceived to be less.

As we said earlier, we live on five acres and our nearest neighbor is a mile away. We like it here and we are comfortable. And we do not deride people who live in smaller homes, or larger homes. We deride assholes like shhIT.

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