From: Vera Bradley Customer Service
To: jegeer
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 8:35 AM
Subject: New Issue LTK30038036302X

Good morning,

If an item was not manufactured by Vera Bradley® or originally sold by Vera Bradley®, then you may not promote the item using Vera Bradley®’s name and marks. To do so would unfairly trade on the goodwill Vera Bradley® has developed in its marks, unfairly trade on the drawing power of the Vera Bradley® name and goods, and dilute the distinctive quality of Vera Bradley®’s trademarks and brand. This also would be in violation of eBay’s Key Word Spamming Policy.

You may not use any Vera Bradley® mark in the title of an auction for goods of this kind, even in the form “non-Vera Bradley” or “not Vera Bradley” or “for Vera Bradley” or “like Vera Bradley” or “Vera Bradley style.” You may use the Vera Bradley® mark (or other marks of Vera Bradley®) in the text of an auction’s goods description to inform potential buyers that the goods did not originate with the Vera Bradley® company or to make a truthful and non-deceptive comparison of your product to Vera Bradley®’s products. You may not use the VERA BRADLEY® mark or any other mark of Vera Bradley®’s in titles or headings, in prominent type, or in any misleading or confusing way, including suggesting that your auction is in any way endorsed, approved, associated with or sponsored by Vera Bradley®.

Please understand that it is not the intent of Vera Bradley® to be unfair, but rather to protect the designs, names or marks that are originated by or associated with Vera Bradley®. Vera Bradley® is not trying to prevent other people from making or selling competing products according to their own designs and under their own names and descriptions. Our company must, however, object to any course of action by others that would suggest any connection with or endorsement by Vera Bradley® of a non-Vera Bradley® product.

Thank you,


Customer Service