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Inely Cessna
In-house counsel for M&M/Mars, McLean, VA
M&M/Mars vs Tabberone

Inely Cessna, in-house counsel for M&M/Mars in 2001, flew to Colorado Springs to personally meet with us in an effort to diffuse the impending conflict over our use of M&M/Mars fabric to make items and then sell these items on the internet and on eBay.

When she introduced herself to us, in Colorado Springs, she identified herself as an "administrative assistant" to Michael Murphy, the preseident and CEO of M&M/Mars at the time. She then gave us two different business cards, both with the name of Michael Murphy on them. She did not give us one of her business cards. This didn't seem stange to us at the time as we were not expecting deception.

Emails we received from her were carefully edited, removing the bottom information that identified her as a lawyer for M&M/Mars.

Later, when M&M/Mars decided to take the issue into federal court, the complaint filed by M&M/Mars identified Inely Cessna as in-house counsel for M&M/Mars. Opps! Obviously she was never told of the ethical requirement to tell someone that you are counsel for the party you represent.

She lied to us by not telling us she was in-house counsel for M&M/Mars and committed a direct and willful violation of the code of ethics for her profession.

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