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Email To Ebay April 3, 2003

From: Karen Dudnikov
date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 12:00:51 -0700
Subject: re: counter notice

Dear Sean,

I have faxed eBay a counter notice concerning three of my auctions that were terminated by eBay at the request of Major League baseball Properties. I noticed the counter notice says something about 14 working days when it should say 10 working days as set forth in the DMCA. I believe the notice meant to say 14 days which would be similar to ten working days. I expect to hear something back in ten working days about being able to relist. I don't believe eBay has the authority to alter deadlines set forth in federal laws.

If MLBP is not in federal court in ten working days I expect to be allowed to relist.

Karen Dudnikov
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