When someone contacts us anonymously and wants a dialog posted, we balk. We openly post our identity on the web site: names, address, telephone number, etc. The primary reason for this is to establish credibility as far as we are not anonymously criticizing these companies. Anonymous posters can hide and feel somewhat safe but their posts can lack context because many people do not know who they are, just what they say.

On several occasions we receive nasty emails and letters about our web site and/or the content and/or us personally. These emails and letters get added to the pages as examples of the reactionary anger we encounter just like the cease and desist letters get added to the pages: to prove a point. There is a lot of irrationality out there.

Sometimes the original sender of the nasty emails wants us to remove them or to post something to mitigate the anger and profanity in the original communication. We do not oblige.