Ninth Circuit
The Ninth Circuit includes California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. The left coast.

The Ninth Circuit is often referred to as "The Ninth Circus" because the Ninth Circuit is overturned by the Supreme Court at least twice as often as any of the other federal court circuits. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals tends to come to a decision and then creatively restructure the application of the law to fit the decision. This approach is bassackwards from the manner in which the other cuicuits decide their cases.

"Since 1978, no other circuit court of appeals has had more decisions overturned. In the 1995-96 term of the Supreme Court, 27 of 28 cases from the 9th Circuit were reversed, and in the 2003-04 term, 19 of 25 cases were reversed, most by unanimous decision of all nine justices of the Supreme Court."

"The Los Angeles Times reported last year [2009] that 15 of the court's 16 cases reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court were reversed."

And remember, a decision by a Court of Appeals only applies to the federal circuit under that Court of Appeals. Many corporate lawyers like to quote 9th Circuit decisions as though they applied to their districts. When a corporate lawyer in Georgia points to a Ninth Circuit decision to justify his trademark abuse efforts, you can be sure he has a very weak argument.