Playground Bully Syndrome
An internet playground bully generally describes a person who was a socially inadequate outsider and has managed to obtain a position of limited power within a company or organization. They use this position to gain control over others and torment them. When they can make someone respond to them in predictable fashion, they believe that they "own" that person. A sinister method of assertings one's strength and feeling of ‘rightness’ by picking on someone weaker than themselves to dominate. It comes from the individual’s need to prop up his/her secretly-doubting ego by appearing to his/her subordinates and supervisors as a heroic figure. The bully needs to show off how tough he/she can be to hide their uncomfortable, hidden knowledge that they feel very vulnerable.

But the bully must disguise his/her ploy with some self-righteous business-related rationale, The need to dominate is justified by abstract calls to ‘higher values’: to protect the company from infringement - whatever the excuse, some unquestionable authority is called upon to uphold the views of the bully. They reign supreme when the other "normal" kids on the playground not only turn a cold shoulder to the bully's victims, but even join in the taunting (perhaps out of fear they will be the bully's next victim?).

. The playground bully cares not about whether or not the claims of infringement are valid or not. It is the submission of the weaker foe that feeds the ego of the bully.