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  "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing"

Edmund Burke

"If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least
to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the
family anatidae on our hands."

Douglas Adams

Last Updated September 2016

You will note that there are a lot of pundits who will tell you what you can and cannot do with the following:

patterns,   licensed fabrics,   embroidered images,   pictures, and descriptions, and other topics,

but none can point you to specific court cases or federal law that supports their claims. They make wild claims "that everyone knows this", etc. Or they claim, "it is only right to do this". And they dismiss attempts at rational conversation on the topics. They cannot support what they say.

We can and we do. What we find particularly galling are the people who make claims such as "designers can put restrictions on use if they want" and "I think if it is actually printed on the fabric [or product], you should respect the copyright wishes of the designer" without considering the legal ramifications. Once the item is sold why should someone be able to control what you do with it? The First Sale Doctrine says they can't. But, there are some logical restrictions. You cannot misrepresent the item when you resell it, and so forth. We started these web pages in 2002 and we have yet to have anyone provide us with court cases or federal law backing their false claims or refuting our claims. We have not had to remove a single page or change a single expressed opinion. Zero in over eight years.

Some people have expressed their distaste for some of the language used when we describe some of the members. We find most of these critics to be sympathetic to the individual and companies enshrined as they seem to agree with the unethical and unlawful approach taken by the abusers. Consider this: count the number of lawyers, individuals and companies we criticize here, and ask, "If we are lying, or quoting out of context, or fabricating information, why haven't we been sued?" We post comments by critics and "Cease & Desist" letters received by lawyers representing members. Every cease and desist letter we have received is posted there.

There are a variety of companies that interfere with the legitimate operation of small home-based businesses. These companies use legal jargon and various maneuvers to illegally shut down mom and pop businesses that have not violated any laws. Note we say "mom and pop businesses". These people rarely go after big businesses that can afford to engage them in the legal arena. Why? Because they will lose. We would also like to acknowledge that there are businesses that are legitimately engaged in the lawful protection of their rights. However, far too many companies have adopted the strategy of attacking eBay and other online auctions to show their muscle. eBay and other internet sellers are easy targets. Most are small businesses that can't afford to fight back even when they have done nothing wrong. Legal representation is expensive even for small problems. The big law firms do not really care about these case because they do not generate the same sympathic points as other pro bono cases. Large law firms salivate over intellectual property cases because they generate really good revenue.

It's been our experience that the lawyers who represent these companies are either ignorant, just plain indifferent to case histories and present law, or lie their collective asses off in order to promote the improper and illegal activities of their clients. We have run up against more than one of these lawyers. They use their position to twist the wording, not the intent, of the law to the absolute favor of the clients with a total disregard for the rights of others and the wording and intent of the law. The companies, lawyers, and individuals enshrined here are so because, in our opinion, they deserve it.

The lawyers, and companies, won't back off because they have the power of intimidation and the Force of VeRO (a.k.a. the Dark Side) behind them. They actually seem to enjoy beating the small seller down. They don't care about the reality of the free market place. They won't back off until confronted by a federal lawsuit filed against them.

We should point out that not all actions taken by VeRO members are illegal. There are cases of infringement that are terminated and should have been terminated. It is the many abuses, way too many abuses, that are the issue. In our opinion, these companies deserve to be in Tabberone's Trademark And Copyright Abusers' Hall Of Shame because they are, or have, used what we believe are highly questionable, or down-right illegal, tactics to interfere with what we feel are legitimate auctions or actions. In some cases, the lawyer is inducted as a co-member. Outlets that distribute what we feel is distorted and/or incorrect information, passing it off as law, concerning trademarks and copyrights are included as well. One publication giving its readers false information damages countless innocent users because the incorrect interpretation gets passed along to others.

Compare this: If one in every twenty persons arrested and sent to jail were innocent, and the government knew this, and the government took no action to prevent this, the people would be outraged. That's 5%. One in twenty. One study estimated that up to 30% of all eBay auction terminations under the VeRO Program are questionable and probably improper. Think about it. eBay knows and does nothing. In March 2009, Google filed a statement with the parliamentary authorities in New Zealand stating that 57% of takedowns under the DMCA are from competitors and 37% of takedown notices under the DCMA are invalid copyright claims. While the two numbers probably overlap some, it is easy to guess that two-thirds of takedowns are either illegal or highly suspicious.

Most of these companies are brought to our attention by people who have been hurt by them or who have questions about the policies of the companies. Some we added ourselves. If you have nominations for Tabberone's Trademark And Copyright Abusers' Hall Of Shame feel free to contact us. We do require authentication concerning any alleged transgressions and not every company nominated ends up in Tabberone's Trademark And Copyright Abusers' Hall Of Shame. This listing is but a few of what we call abusers who are lurking on the internet violating the rights of others or attempting to control the secondary market with highly questionable activities and false statements of authority. These are just the ones about which we have heard. Imagine how many more abuses there are out there every day that avoid the recognition they so richly deserve.

Alphabetically listed.

Aanraku Stained Glass, and its idiot owner, Jeffrey Castaline, for going around claiming they own an idea that is functional and therefore not protectable. A nod to the lawyers for Aanraku Stained Glass for being so stupid as to not know their field of practice. Added July 12, 2010.

AB Rocket, and its owner, E. Mishan & Sons, Inc, who are terminating eBay auctions claiming some fools are "counterfeiting" this item. Also, a tip of the scales to their law firm, Notaro & Michalos of New York and their attorney, John Zaccaria, whom we believe are lying their collective asses off while doing the dirty deeds for E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. Added September 28, 2008.

Adorable Decor, a seller on eBay who is infringing and who has been referring people to this web site to support her arguments that she has the right to infringe. A real badd-itude problem and trash-mouth. She's now selling using the new ID TinyTotsNTeens. And, she claims she actually has real friends, not just the voices in her head.

Alex Grey, a weirdo NY artist with an equally weird lawyer, Laurence Singer, both of whom believe that the limits on copyrights do not apply to them. They have sued someone who is reselling licensed prints purchased from Alex Grey. We kid you not. Added May 21, 2008.

American Red Cross, who appears to be spending their contributions attacking the innocent use of their symbol. We suggest you donate to the Salvation Army. Included are articles about the misuse of donated money by the Red Cross. They're cross over people selling items that have a red cross on them. Items like nurse dolls. Bad Red Cross.

AnimeHot, a Nevada-based company run by some idiots who have no real understanding of copyright law or the eBay VeRO program. They shut down people when they didn't have a valid copyright. And, they have never apologized. Added July 8, 2007.

Apple, Inc, the computer company with what appears to be designs to take over the world. Apple joins compliments of their corporate counsel, Gibney Anthony & Flaherty, a law firm engaged in what we call trademark extortion. Added February 1, 2011

Art Impressions Licensing and their clueless representative for Springs who make Blue Jean Teddy fabrics, Brad Bailey, who went on a directionless rampage concerning their fabric with no knowledge of the law. Stupid, stupid, stupid is Brad Bailey as is Art Impressions Licensing.

Autodesk, Inc, a software company represented by clueless Andrew S MacKay who pretends he has no real understanding of copyright law or the eBay VeRO program or reality. He falsely insists in a losing lawsuit that Autodesk doesn't sell their software but that they lease it. Wrong, according to us and the federal court decisions. Added December 4, 2007.

Avid Technology the audio company that has sunk to new depths. Another company trolling the internet to harass "unauthorized" resellers because they can and they have little better to do. Added February 15, 2009.

Blue Jean Teddy, and their clueless representative for Springs, Brad Bailey, who went on a directionless rampage concerning their fabric with no knowledge of the law. Stupid, stupid, stupid is Brad Bailey as is Art Impressions Licensing.

Scott Boras, a lawyer turned sports agent and his clueless corporation, who don't understand the First Amendment and Fair Use. If he's an example of sports agents it's no wonder salaries are out of whack. Added December 19, 2006.

Bose Wave Radio, with and through their low-life cyber cops, the law firm of WolfBlock, who stomp on the rights of internet sellers because they know the small sellers cannot fight back. Added May 2, 2008.

Bumble and bumble a cosmetics firm that doesn't want their over-priced glop sold on eBay, and their law firm, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP for being terminally stupid with a strong lack of ethics. Kenneth A. Plevan, their lawyer, is responsible for his firm receiving The Putrid Plecostomus Award. Added August 29, 2007.

Bubble Charms and its tight-assed owner, Diane Stewart, a whack-job who doesn't understand copyright law and who, while guilty herself of major infringements, is unlawfully ordering eBay auctions to be terminated, harming lawful eBay sellers. Added September 17, 2008.

Buc-ee's The Texas Interstate Bully who thinks it owns all rights to cartoon character logos in Texas and how to be very Lone Star Stupid. We call them Trademark Extortionists. After you read about them we think you will agree. Added September 17, 2008.

Burberry who has been shutting down eBay auctions for authentic Burberry merchandise. Fabio (we kid you not) is their lawyer and we're not too sure where he ranked in his class. Our guess is low, very low. We also think he slept through ethics as do most corporate lawyers.

Business Software Alliance and their many members, whom we call internet thugs and scum, are terminating perfectly legal eBay auctions of legitimate software. The B***S***Alliance is just what they sound like. Added July 27, 2008

Amy Butler, who designs patterns and fabric and who, according to her webpage, has her head up her patterns. She states one cannot use the patterns to make something for sale. Wrong, Amy. Yes you can, and we tell everyone why.

Coalition To Advance The Protection Of Sports Logos ("CAPS"), run by Lisa Uriguen Armstrong who is impersonating a lawyer in her communications. Also named is a law student, Rhett Barney, who also is impersonating a lawyer. CAPS claims to have the NFL, MLB, NHL and all colleges as clients. We regard CAPS as liars and trademark extortionists. They are affiliated with Trademark Management which appears to be another Cyber Cop. Added December 8, 2010.

Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts a Connecticut firm, who is here compliments of Sevenarts, Ltd. Their clueless leader, David Rogath, appears to be a real pill. David Rogath, a lawyer, isn't above giving the court a "carefully drafted" (read full of lies) affidavit that serves his purposes.

Chanel the company that survived Coco Chanel's collaboration with the Nazis in WWII to go on to sell pricey women's items has reached another milestone in low-lifeness. Added January 13, 2009.

Chesta Company and Precious Pets, who do not want their merchandise sold on the internet, are terminating perfectly legal listings for their lawfully acquired merchandise. They are stuck on stupid. Added May 4, 2012

Christopher & Banks who has a very misguided sense of what is new and what is not. According to them, once it leaves their store it is no longer new. Who made them GOD? Added January 4, 2008.

Chuck E. Cheese, owned by CEC Entertainment Concepts, and their idiot legal counsel, David A. Deck, for terminating auctions of lawful "winner's receipts" earned by kids playing games at the stores. Cheesy attitude by a kiddie company? Added August 29, 2007.

Coach Leatherworks, Coach, either on its own or through bad legal advice from its corporate attorneys, Gibney Anthony & Flaherty, is terminating internet listings for authentic Coach handbags by claiming the handbags, purchased at a Coach store, are counterfeit. Added August 8, 2010

Collegiate Licensing Company a Georgia firm, who doesn't want people making items from their licensed fabrics and appear to be doing the dirty work for Sykel and Sy Garfinkel who don't appear to have the gonads to do it themselves. What is in that Georgia water? It sure isn't that Southern Hospitality we've heard much about. Added April 15, 2006.

Collegiate Licensing Partnership Association (CLPA) , who with their parent company, Licensing Resource Group (LRG) are stomping on the legitimate rights of Work At Home Moms ("WAHM") and other small internet businesses because they can. With their cyber cops, OpSec Security, they troll the internet looking for victims who cannot fight back. Added February 26, 2009.

Continental Enterprises, a Cyber Cop who has earned its own Hall of Shame entry because of their actions and the interest they generate. In our opinion, the lowest of the low. Their General Counsel, Darlene Seymour, has a section devoted just to her. Added December 27, 2007 hides their identity and makes what appears to be sweeping but unsupported claims about their abilities. Added October 12, 2010.

Copyright Scams, internet companies that appear to misrepresent that they are copyrighting your work. Added August 1, 2008. Group members include Copyright Deposit, Copyright Name, Copyright Creators, Insights2, and Copyright Witness.

Cosmetics Manufacturers, who have begun a campaign of lies and distortions to stop their products from being sold on the internet. According to them you do not have the right to sell their products without their permission. Some, like Merle Norman, have openly committed perjury and just don't care. We also analyze all of the VeRO member AboutMe Pages under Heath & Beauty for over blown claims and false statements. Added August 1, 2008.

Craft and Fabric Sites who make copyright claims that are not part of the rights granted by a copyright. They are spreading false and misleading information and sometimes it's done with a purpose. Added July 7, 2007.

Creative Memories the scrapbook people, who say they own "creative" and "memories" and you can't use them together in any form. Baloney. There's nothing creative about their sorry-ass attitude.

Cyber Cops, companies who specialize in searching the internet to report trademark and copyright infringements to the IP owners for a fee. In our opinion, they are not qualified to make these decisions because they are being influenced by their billable hours and activities. Most do not really care about the law and use highly questionable tactics. We consider Cyber Cops to be inherently dishonest. On this list are included:

  • Art Impressions Licensing Added May 27, 2008
  • Business Software Alliance (BSA) Added July 27, 2008
  • CAPS Added December 8, 2010
  • Continental Enterprises Added December 27, 2007
  • Added October 12, 2010
  • De Novo Legal Added December 1, 2007
  • Embroidery Designers Group Added October 21, 2010
  • Embroidery Software Protection Coalition (ESPC) Added July 11, 2008
  • Gibney Anthony & Flaherty, LLC Added February 1, 2011
  • GrayZone Added May 2, 2008
  • Net Enforcers Added October 22, 2008
  • OpSec Security Added February 26, 2009
  • Protect Ltd
  • Righthaven Added September 20, 2010
  • Security Essentials
  • The Software & Information Industry Association Added August 1, 2008
  • Strategic Intellectual Property Information (SIPI) Added May 2, 2008
  • WolfBlock Added May 2, 2008

De Novo Legal, LLP, a Cyber Cop who has earned its own Hall of Shame entry because of their actions and the interest they generate. Added December 1, 2007

Directed Electronics who has earned its spot by outright lies on its eBay About Me page and for hiring the skuzzy Cyber Cops, Net Enforcers. Added October 22, 2008.

Disney Enterprises, who settled quickly after being sued by Tabberone but bullied people for years before over the use of Disney's licensed fabrics. Our settlement with them is here also.

Designers, including Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Miche Bag and more. Designers in general all seem to think their shit does not stink. They are better than the rest of us. They are designers. Added August 8, 2010

Dozier Internet Law, and their boss, John W. Dozier, for spreading misinformation about the posting of cease & desist letters and general stupidity. Calling a corporate lawyer stupid may be a bit redundant. Added May 2, 2008

Dunkin Donuts, who objected to us selling a bag of their unopened coffee on eBay, so we sued them. Then they said we sued the wrong company. Waaaaa! Now they do not care who sells their coffee. We wonder why?

DRG Texas & ePatterns who falsely claim a purchaser cannot sell items made from their patterns. What a crock. They should change their name to DRaG Texas.

eBay has crossed the line. It is no longer just a venue and we list the many reasons why.

eBay Snitch Program. Did you know eBay has a "Trusted Snitch Program"? This way eBay doesn't let just anyone lie about you and your listings. eBay claims it vets these "snitches" and trusts them to be honest and forthright. Right. And we have some ocean front property in Colorado to sell you real cheap. Added May 23, 2008.

Embroidery Designers Group, a vigilante group of enbroidery designers, led by some self-proclaimed sheriff of the internet, an Ausralian whack job named Glenn Harris. They send out infected software with embroidery designs in an effort to snare copiers. They leave false feedback on eBay and other sites to destroy the imagines copiers. A British woman, Anne Heath, is falsely claiming to be an Attorney licensed in the USA in her blog posts. Lie after lie after lie. Added October 21, 2010

Embroidery Software Protection Coalition (ESPC), a group of embroidery companies, led by Bernina, that are nothing more than thugs trolling the internet making people believe they have done something wrong and extorting money from them. Added July 11, 2008

E! Entertainment Television and their no-longer lawyer Jeffrey Lai. In our opinion, Jeffery Lai is an example of all that is pathetic in a corporate lawyer. He lied in statements to the court because he caused his company to be directly served.

Etsy and Etsy News who make copyright claims that are not part of the rights granted by a copyright. They are spreading false and misleading information and sometimes it's done with a purpose. And the Etsy Mis-Information Mavins who haunt the on-line Etsy Forums looking for spots for their droppings. Added September 14, 2009.

Farouk Chi, source of well known hair products and a shitty corporate attitude if you try to sell them. They are brought to these pages by their lowly Cyber Cops, the India-based firm called Strategic Intellectual Property Information (SIPI) and their corporate law firm of Greenberg Traurig, LLP, neither of which seems to grasp the concept that sellers have rights.

Fleurville, and Kathrine Granville, who has reneged on their agreement to reinstate other auctions after they were sued by Tabberone.. Fleurville is one of the reasons we believe there should be severe penalties for secondary market manipulation. They lied to us and from what we've heard they continue to illegally terminate auctions.

Girl Scouts of America, who could be spending all that cookie dough on something really constructive. They have been terminating auctions for authentic Girl Scout items and don't appear to care. Did you know that promoting sexual activity is part of the Girl Scout agenda for the little girls? Added December 23, 2007.

Hancock Fabrics, who has crossed over to the dark side by spreading the lie that licensed fabrics are for personal use only and that they cannot be used to make and then sell items. Perhaps their corporate stupidity is another reason they went into bankruptcy proceedings.

Hansen Beverages, and their energy drink, Monster Energy, for using the low-life Cyber Cops, Continental Enterprises, who fabricate trademark infringement claims and then try to extort money from the victims. Added April 16, 2008

Ed Hardy, and his good buddy Christian Audigier, and Nervous Tattoo, nut jobs who don't want Ed Hardy merchandise sold on eBay. Hey Ed, your stuff isn't that great. They sell it at grocery stores and markdown stores so how good can it really be? Added November 18, 2008

Harley Davidson Motor Cycles, who has gone "hog" wild in their attempts to ride over the rights of legitimate eBay sellers. Oink, oink. And their idiot resident ding-dong, Judy Henslee who is clueless about IP law. Added October 21, 2007.

HattieRex, owned by some whack job designer named Tessa Long, seems to think they own the "idea" of doggie jewelry because Tessa Long owns two copyrights for same. What is in the Water in Rolla, Missouri? Added October 12, 2010

Health Food Companies, who all want you to believe they have the best product in the world but do not try to resell it if you do not like it. They lie, and lie and lie. Added May 14, 2010.

Heckler & Koch, guilty of terminal stupidity by hiring the low-life Cyber Cop Continental Enterprises to police their trademarks on the internet. Now Heckler & Koch have been sued for their ignorance. Added May 21, 2009

Heineken Brewery, who is using low-life Cyber Cop Continental Enterprises to try and extort payments from sellers who aren't. Hic. Maybe they're drinking too much of their own product? Added September 23, 2008

sHit Entertainment, who has been chewing on some lead-based paint of their own. They are shutting down auctions where their licensed fabrics are being used. They need an "S" added to the beginning of their name. Stopping the legitimate use of their fabrics is more important than quality control at the slave labor factories in China? Added March 21, 2007

Isagenix International, who wants you to believe they have the best product in the world but do not try to resell it if you do not like it. They lie, and lie and lie. They posted a phony lawsuit to back their claims. Added May 14, 2010.

Indie Law, LLC, and Joey Vitale, Esq., for spreading incorrect information on the internet about licensed fabrics, copyrights and trademarks. Added September 20, 2017.

Jack Daniel, who used Cyber Cop Continental Enterprises to try and extort payment from a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) who wasn't infringing. Hic. Maybe they're hitting the juice? Added May 24, 2008

Janson Beckett Cosmeceuticals, and their Executive Administrative Assistant Malyna Truong, for setting new lows in intelligence. They actually are stupid. Very stupid. They think the "VeRO Right" means they can stop anyone from selling their products on eBay. Added April 26, 2008

John Deere, who has crossed over to the dark side, harassing legitimate eBay sellers who are using their licensed fabric. They didn't have the guts to do the dirty deed themselves. We have added their Cyber Cops, De Novo Legal, LLP, as well. Added December 1, 2007

Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd, or JOEL as they affectionately call themselves in their many lawsuits, JOEL, and their kiss-ass lawfirm, Sutherland (, for illegally shutting down perfectly legitimate eBay auctions that were selling authentic merchandise. Added August 17, 2008.

Juice Plus, who doesn't seem to believe in their own product's safety. They don't want anyone reselling their over-priced schlop even though the law says they can. Maybe we should call them Juice Pus instead. Added December 18, 2006

Just Born & Marshmallow Peeps, who act like they just fell off the turnip truck in their ridiculous trademark infringement claim concerning a baby crib set. We think they have too much sugar in their diet. They think they are the only ones in the world who can use the word "peeps". Added March 31, 2007

Keats McFarland & Wilson the first law firm to join the list. The law firm for MGA Entertainment.

Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert LLP another California law firm, joins the list. Jennifer McGrath lied to eBay claiming reselling Merle Norman on eBay violated FDA regulations. And she continues to lie, lie, lie. Jennifer McGrath is why Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert LLP has received the Putrid Plecostomus Award. Added May 24, 2007

Krispy Kreme where the hole in the donut is smaller than the hole in the collective heads at KK. They object to one of their officially licensed products being resold. And their reasoning is totally stupid. Added April 6, 2007

Laurel Burch Artwork, and it's idiot president, Jay Burch, who made some of the most outrageous statements to a federal court to avoid looking as stupid as he really is. Jay Burch claims the use of licensed fabric to make and sell items infringes upon his mother's trademarks and copyrights. Added July 7, 2008

Licensing Resource Group (LRG), who with their subsidiary, Collegiate Licensing Partnership Association (CLPA) are stomping on the legitimate rights of Work At Home Moms ("WAHM") and other small internet businesses because they can. With their cyber cops, OpSec Security, they troll the internet looking for victims who cannot fight back. Added February 26, 2009.

Loralie Designs who has a very misguided sense of what they can and cannot do. They want buyers to waive federally-guaranteed rights. Why? They don't want their products sold on eBay. Added December 31, 2007.

Love Potion Perfume, and the ditzy owner, Mara Fox, for telling the world they own the exclusive rights to the commercial use of "love potion" and "love potion #9". Mara Fox appears to a number-one whack-job. She continues to claim she owns all rights even after a federal court has ruled that she does not. Wacko, wacko, wacko. Added February 29, 2008

Maggie Sottero Designs, who believes that her product descriptions are copyrighted and no one else in the whole wide world can use them except her. Except copyright law says otherwise. A description of a product is generally not copyrightable. Nor is advertising materials. Another ding bat on the loose. Added July 21, 2009.

Major League Baseball Properties, who tried to extort money from "innocent infringers" and still does. Brian Day is still at it. He must have graduated from the same law school as Fabio of Burberry fame. We sued MLBP in 2003 over the use of their licensed fabrics and all they wanted to do was settle.

McAfee, the software company with the hard-nosed attitude that we think is unethical and illegal. Based upon their past, they will only get worse. Added August 31, 2008.

Merle Norman Cosmetics, whom we call Merle Nitwit, for telling eBay to terminate auctions of their unopened cosmetics because Merle Norman claims the resale of these cosmetics violates FDA regulations and eBay's Drug & Drug Paraphernalia Policies. Huh? This is a new, all-time low in Corporate lawyerly lying. Their law firm, Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert LLP, redefines slimy and low-life and is also a member of the Hall. We would list Merle Norman twice if we could because they are that stupid, that perjurous, and that insensitive. Mothers, don't let your daughters grow up to use Merle Norman Cosmetics. Added April 27, 2007

Stanley A. Meyer, added through the efforts of the Stanley A. Meyer Estate, for committing perjury by not only lying to eBay about someone selling public domain information, but for then forging a court document to make it look like the Stanley A. Meyer Estate had filed a law suit when in fact it had not. Added July 22, 2010.

MGA Entertainment, who terminated an auction of a fleece hat with a Bratz appliqué on it and was sued by Tabberone. MGA's lawyer, Larry McFarland of Beverly Hills, threatened to take the case "to the Supreme Court" if necessary. It wasn't. But they didn't want to argue the merits of the case, just technicalities, and they got a judge with a pro se bias, Patricia Coan.

Miche Bag who likes to hit legitimate small sellers with law suits to force them to stop. The corporate attnoreys for Miche Bag droppoed a large case after the federal judge ruled that the Defendant had "brought forth sufficient evidence to call into question the validity of the [Miche] `201 Patent". We post wto cases where the lawyers for Michr Bag are accused og having "violated their ethical responsibilities to the Court" and "the misleading and duplicitous manner" in which they conducted themselves. Added April 30, 2012.

Monarchy Collection, another "We Say So" company who shuts down eBay listings because Monarchy has not approved them to sell on eBay. Another very plain example of VeRO Abuse and eBay does not care. Added May 23, 2009.

Monster Cable, in our opinion guilty of lying, extortion, being terminally stupid and incredibly overreaching. The arrogant bastard who owns Monster Cable, Noel Lee, thinks he owns the word "Monster" and appears to go about suing everyone who dares use it. Monster ego for a teeny mind and a much smaller wee wee.

m3 girl designs, and Maddie Bradshw, who at 13 years old is the youngest member of the Hall of Shame, and her idiot corporate lawyer, D. Scott Hemingway. Maddie and her lawyer think she owns all rights to interchangeable magnetic jewelry which has been around since before she was born. Added September 26, 2009.

National Football League for claiming "rights" they don't have under US Copyright Law and threatening to sue people to enforce these non-existent "rights". The NFL is trying to bully viewers of the football games into doing it their way because "they say so". Added August 29, 2008

Net Enforcers, a Cyber Cop who has earned its own Hall of Shame entry because of their scummy and unethical actions and the interest they generate.

Ojon,, the "people of beautiful hair" and a shitty attitude. They don't want their product sold on eBay. Whaaaaa!

Omabas,, "The Obamas" who we think are using trademark extortion to get what they want!

OpSec Security , another cyber cop stomping on the legitimate rights of Work At Home Moms ("WAHM") and other small internet businesses because they can. They troll the internet looking for victims who cannot fight back. Added February 26, 2009.

Paragon Patterns and the chief whack-job, Susan Wigley, who are spreading lies about the use of licensed fabrics, swing patterns, and embroidery designs. Her self-serving articles spread the urban myths. Added July 4, 2008.

Pattern Companies, including McCall's, Simplicity, Vouge and Butterick, for copyright misuse for telling consumers lies about what can and cannot be done with patterns. Added March 23, 2009.

pediped Footwear, who have started using the phony claim of trade dress infringement to stifle competition. Their lawyer, some jerk named Mark S Katz, writes a really bad cease and desist letter. Added October 27, 2010.

Precious Pets and Chesta Company, who do not want their merchandise sold on the internet, are terminating perfectly legal listings for their lawfully acquired merchandise. They are stuck on stupid. Added May 4, 2012

Red Monkey Designs, who have taken stupid to a new level. They appear to have spent too much time enjoying the California sun without sun-block or a hat. Their collective IQ would embarrass a village. They certainly don't proof-read before acting to terminate auctions. Added April 10, 2006.

Reed Smith,, the second law firm to join the Hall of Shame, represents Sykel, another member. Reed Smith, a New York firm, appears to hire lawyers who slept through Constitutional Law 101 and Due Diligence 102. Darren B. Cohen sent us a cease & desist that had us rolling on the floor laughing. He declined to sue which meant he lied about his client's intentions. Added February 23, 2006.

Reich Publishing & Marketing, owned by Stephen Reich, who appears to be shutting down auctions to thwart the competition. Reich, a lawyer, looks to be guilty of fraud, misrepresentation and perjury. But what else is new? A lawyer and ethics?

Righthaven, a Las Vegas-based company that trolls the internet looking for newspaper articles and then Righthaven buys the rights to the article so it can sue the web site for copyright infringment. A new low-life practice for corporate lawyers. Added September 20, 2010.

SalonQuest and Aquage, who don't want their over-priced cosmetics sold on eBay. What's with these cosmetics people? One after another, they all do the same illegal garbage without regard to the rights of individuals. This one industry alone is proof of the need for severe civil penalties for trademark abuse. Added June 29, 2007

Sanrio & Hello Kitty, who strenuously objected to their licensed fabric being used for commercial purposes and took harmful actions accordingly, until they were sued by Tabberone, and then magically, it was alright. WOW! What a coincidence! They settled so fast we were taken off guard. Another lying VeRO member taken down.

Schools, including colleges and universities, who believe the rules don't apply to them. Added June 30, 2008.

  • Oklahoma State University
  • Oklahoma State
  • University of Texas at Austin

Scientology, also known as the Church of Scientology, a pseudo-religion that thinks they can intimidate others and that the rules don't apply to them. Added February 21, 2008.

Scotia Starr a Canadian knitter, who thinks her "ideas" give her the right to terminate eBay auctions. She is also a member of the Canadian Knitwear Designers & Artisans. She never apologized for what she did or retracted her takedowns.

Sevenarts Ltd a British firm, who told us to go ahead and sue him if we didn't like his answer. So we did. Instead of litigating the issues (alleged copyright infringement), they tried to get the case dismissed by challenging jurisdiction, which failed. Arrogant doesn't begin to describe these people. We've caught their lawyer in several lies. Added December 2005.

Seven For All Mankind, LLC uses some idiot, going by the name of Payam Mosbat, to troll the internet looking for perceived infringements of trademarks that belong to the Magnificent 7, a company that sells blue jeans at a ridiculously high markup to people who never received money management classes. Seven has anointed this idiot with the official corporate title of "Director of Special Projects", which, as far as we can tell, means he gets this title in lieu of being paid more than minimum wage for his minimun intelligence. Added August 9, 2010.

Shabby Chic and their lawyer John E Kelly, with an honorable mention to their President and CEO, Brian Dell.

SnapOn Tools, the Kenosha Wisconsin tool maker with a cheesy attitude about its genuine product being resold on eBay. Stinks, stinks, stinks.

SnoWyte, another who is using the eBay VeRO program to enforce rights she doesn't have while openly infringing upon the rights of others.

The Software & Information Industry Association, another software association that tramples on the legitimate rights of seller while "protecting" their members. Like the Business Software Alliance, they are scum in our opinion. Added August 1, 2008.

Strategic Intellectual Property Information (SIPI), an India-based Cyber Cop company trolling the internet abusing the rights of sellers. We suggest extreme caution visiting their web site as it once contained the "exploit virus". Added May 2, 2008

Sykel Enterprises, the ONLY ten thumbs-down company on our list is the business name of Fabrique Innovations, and is telling people they cannot resell Sykel's fabric or items made from their fabric. We nominated their president, Sy Garfinkel for the Pompous Twit Of The Year Award for 2005, with honorable mention going to twit-in-waiting, Jeff Ross and nitwit Howard Leibowitz. We think the company's logo should be "The Cowardly Lion." Added November 2005.

Sharon Teal-Coray, an artist from Utah who has an inflated opinion of her own importance who is totally ignorant of copyright law. She has no remorse for those she hurt and still doesn't get it. Her friends and relatives have contributed to her page. Added December 20, 2006.

The National NeedleArts Association puts out a brochure titled "Don't Copy Wrong ... Respect Copyright!", that is chocked full of misinformation and lies about copyrights. Added February 7, 2010.

Tommy Hilfiger, another head-up-his-ass trademark holder who doesn't care who gets hurt because of silly European laws that are being intentionally misinterpreted in his favor. He has let his over-priced clothing fuel his arrogance. Tommy, you are not that cute. Added May 30, 2008

True Religion Jeans, who doesn't seem to be as concerned with who is illegally distributing their jeans as much as shutting down eBay auctions.

Uncle Milton Industries, who have ants in their pants about "ANT FARM" and anyone using the trademark. Seems Uncle Milton refuses to accept that "ANT FARM" has become a generic expression and is no longer entitled to trademark protection. Perhaps Uncle Milton is getting senile? Added December 11, 2008

Unforgettable Licensing, and Bruce Bronn, President and Ass-In-Charge, for shutting down legitimate auctions of appliqués made from lawfully acquired "I Love Lucy" fabric. Unforgivable. Added January 15, 2009.

United Media & Peanuts, another billion-dollar company who could not wait to settle after being sued by Tabberone over the use of licensed Peanuts fabric. Another VeRO member who couldn't wait to cry "settlement" after being sued.

United States Marine Corps, from the Halls of Montezuma to Tabberone's Trademark and Copyright Abusers' Hall Of Shame. The USMC is here courtesy of their not so illustrious trademark counsel, Philip J. Greene, U.S. Marine Corps Trademark Licensing Office, who is so full of shit his baby blue eyes are turning brown. Added October 11, 2011

Univera Life Sciences, another head-up-their-ass trademark holder who didn't bother to read the copyright laws before terminating legitimate auctions. Like the other "health nut" companies, they don't want their stuff sold on eBay so they fabricate reasons to terminate auctions. Added June 25, 2008

Frank Venezia Jr. We wanted to list Frank Venezia under "A" for asshole but for those trying to find him, and what rational being would want to, we decided to list him under "V". Damn those pesky details. Added June 6, 2014.

Vera Bradley , also known as Very Badley, who has a twisted notion of what they can demand in the secondary market. Winner of the Tabberone WeSaySo Company Award with Dodo Cluster. Also seems to have some very questionable business practices. Added March 28, 2007

Visiball USA who tries to enforce their Minimum Advertised Price upon sellers who are not under contract to them. Idiots in search of a village. Added April 29, 2007.

Vittoria North America, who wanted to settle six hours after we filed the lawsuit, mainly because they signed their names to documents that admitted they lied. Another VeRO Member who lied to eBay but eBay doesn't really care.

Von Dutch is shutting down auctions of legitimate products and then not responding to inquiries as to why. Bad VD. Who would want their schlock anyway?

Diane von Furstenberg Studio who brings to mind the word "Bitch". Aided and abetted by her trademark extortionist law firm, Greenberg Traurig, LLP , and the very disreputable India-based Cyber Cop, Strategic Intellectual Property Information ("SIPI"), she is having listings terminated for genuine Diane von Furstenberg clothing. Added January 8, 2011.

Warner Brothers, who backed down from us but is still shutting down "innocent" auctions years later. It seems their approach is to shut down auctions and see who complains. If they complain then reinstate them.

Wiggles Touring Pty Limited, an Australian children's entertainment company, settled after they realized we could serve them in the US. They were very militant until they were sued. What happened? They got sued and cried.

WolfBlock, another law firm that had gone into the Trademark Abuse business to supplement their income. Clients included Monster cable and Bose Wave Radio. But they went bankrupt! Poor babies. Added May 2, 2008.

More To Come. So many VeRO Members (and their law firms), so few with integrity.


The Putrid Plecostomus Award to those corporate lawyers and coprporate law firms that go above and beyond the call of duty zealously protecing the rights' of the clients while pointedly ignoring the legitmate rights of sellers. We lovingly call them "bottom feeders".


Just Shine the Cat Light





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