Tabberone is pronounced tab ber won
not tay ber own

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  "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Tabberone is pronounced tab ber won
not tay ber own

Purpose Of These Pages

The Tabberone Archives are an on-going attempt to collect and make available documents and information for the on-line seller. This is by no means a complete collection of information and articles as that would be impossible without a full-time staff. As we encounter articles, court decisions and scholarly opinions the seem important, we capture them for these pages. We do not limit our selection to only those items with which we agree. This is a not for profit endeavor that we do. It as time permits. We capture these materials because over time they tend to disappear or become difficult to locate. These pages do include opinion pieces by us concerning the activities of companies and individuals.

Legal Disclaimer

We are not lawyers. But we have seen every episode of "Boston Legal". Our legal experience in these matters is based upon our experiences in Federal Court and Colorado courts and research. We do not solicit or accept any form of compensation or contributions for the information on this web site. We are basing our opinions on our experiences and research. Before contemplating any legal action, "you should always consult an attorney", but if you do not have tons of money, it is likely you will be wasting your time unless you are willing to put in the time to represent yourself in court. Courts do not dispense justice: they administer the law.

The information contained in this web site is provided as a service to the Internet community, and does not constitute "legal advice" as that would be illegal. We try to provide quality case law information, but we make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the case law information contained in or linked to this web site and/or any associated sites. A lawyer will tell you that legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, which is why they get away charging so much. Legal opinions are not constantly changing as many claim. But legal time is expensive and the courts move very slowly.

Disclaimer and Limitation on Liability

We attempt to post only reliable content.

This web site is intended to assist readers by providing data, research and editorial information on eBay VeRO problems and other legal problems possibly arising from trademark and copyright disputes from selling on-line. In our defense, we have not had any attorneys contact us to point out any specific errors. We have had several attorneys comment that they wished they could say things that we say but they cannot in court. The legal system is a closed society run and staffed by lawyers and former lawyers all of which protect their turf - the legal system. suggests you use the information on this web site as a starting point for doing independent research on eBay VeRO problems and other on-line legal problems arising from trademark and copyright disputes, and other information that is the subject of this web site. If you communicate with Tabberone, we reserve the right to use any information conveyed to us by email, telephone, fax, or other means, in any manner we feel is best. Generally we do not disclose contact information but we will if we feel it appropriate or editorially necessary.


Many articles, court cases and other material are reproduced on these web pages. Under modern US copyright laws many of them are copyrighted or could be copyrighted. Some are public domain such as court cases. Where available copyright notices are usually included with the articles. Do not assume the absence of a copyright statement or symbol means the work is not copyrighted. We present these articles purely for purposes of commentary, reference and other non-commercial educational purposes. We do not claim any rights to legal quotes, court papers or any third-party articles and documents. Portions of this web site containing original material are copyrighted. We believe that material posted on the internet is posted with the intention that it be shared.

Links to Third Party Sites

This web site contains some links to third party sites but very few. These links are provided for convenience purposes and are not under the control of Tabberone. does not make any representations and warranties, express or implied, regarding the content of any of these linked sites. These links do not constitute or imply an endorsement, authorization, sponsorship or affiliation by with respect to any third party, any third party's web site, the content of any third party's web site, or any products or services provided by a third party.


This web site is owned and operated by Karen Dudnikov and Michael Meadors, P.O. Box 87, Hartsel, CO 80449-0087. We are solely responsible for the content of this web site. Please make sure you include both of us on any intended legal action against the web site and please spell our names correctly. Be aware that we post ALL threatening letters/emails and we post all cease and desist threats. So be careful what you claim and how you threaten us.

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A Cup Of Joe For A Joe
by Green Beans Coffee Company
Karen and Mike, also known to you as Tabberone, have been actively participating in various troop support programs for a number of years. An important one we have discovered and supported is one run by the Green Beans Coffee Company of Larkspur, California. The Green Beans Coffee Company runs coffee houses in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Middle East and at other US military bases around the world. Your donations are converted into email chits that are randomly given to military personal who are based near these coffee houses. You are then sent an email by Green Beans Coffee telling at what location your donation(s) was distributed. The military recipient of your donation is also given the opportunity to email you a thank you with a message, which many of them do.

Modern military deployment has changed very much since WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Back then there was no internet or cell phones. A soldier very rarely could call home or even go home on leave. But modern deployment does not alter the dangers they face. Green Beans Coffee is one of the little pleasures they can enjoy. Any donation makes a service man or service woman smile. We contribute every month.

More information is available at
We rarely link to other sites. It is a really good cause.