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Curtis F. Scheib Sucks!

Page posted May 27, 2016

Last Updated March 7 2017

So, you ask, who the hell is Curtis F. Scheib? Based upon our opinion, and the civil fraud lawsuit we have filed in Park County, Colorado, he is a liar, a fraud, a cheat and a coward. And we will substantiate every one of these allegations. Do not trust him - he is a thief. Alikeable thief but still a thief.

According to the Chaffee County Sheriff's Department, Curtis Schieb, also known as Curtis Frederick Scheib, appears to have fled Colorado to avoid prosecution and to avoid his many creditors. It is guessed that he is looking to hide and reestablish himself in Florida or somewhere near there. But that is only speculation. He could be hiding in Colorado, Missouri or Egypt for all we really know.

There is more to come. Lots more. Based upon recent information received via email, Curtis Scheib has taken the money of others and then failed to do the work for which the money was paid. One said he "he took off with their money". If anyone would like to add their story to these pages just let us know. Or, if you run into Curtis, let us know.

Curtis "owned" and operated two solar installation companies in Salida, Colorado. He started with Eco Depot USA, October 1992, and added Solarado Energy in February 2008. Based on this last year, we are guessing he formed Solarado Energy because he had run the credibility of Eco Depot USA dangerously close to failure. Besides Curtis Scheib being a fraud and a thief, a look at the LLC records on-line shows that he had a problem keeping the registration of his two LLCs up-to-date. He was often delinquent.

We found out he had a communications problem. Sometimes we had to email him more than once to get a response from him. Might be that wacky weed he was smoking. More than once it could be smelled on his clothing. Hey, but it is legal in Colorado. But he's not in Colorado any more, Toto. So we are guessing he took a stash of it with him to Florida because they do not sell it legally down south.


We are suing these two companies and Curtis Scheib as an individual.

The Fraud, The Misrepresentation and the Theft of Our Money
Our house is run 100% on solar and wind power. That was the only alternative we had since our home is located some ten miles from the nearest power lines. The solar arrays send 12-volt electricity to a bank of 24 batteries for storage so we have power at night. In April of 2015, after a long period of battery problems, we asked Curtis about installing 24 new 2-volt batteries for our 48-volt system. He quoted us prices for two different Rolls batteries, either Rolls S-1450 or Rolls S-1660. We opted for the Rolls S-1660, while costing more it had a high amp rating. We gave him a 50% deposit on the batteries and the installation.

This is where the fraud began. It is not just our claims of what happened. The following alleged subsequent actions of Curtis Scheib are supported in detail by an affidavit from the manager of the battery company who had first-hand knowledge of the events. His statements led to our filing of the lawsuit.

The Misrepresentation
As it turned out, the Rolls S-1660 batteries were taken by the time Curtis got back to the battery company. It would be months before the battery company could get 24 more in stock to ship. We think Curtis found himself in a bind — he had already spent the deposit we gave him. So, he told the battery company to ship the lesser batteries instead — the Rolls S-1450 batteries. Without consulting us and getting our approval for the change. Friday, June 16, 2015, the batteries arrived, the wrong batteries. Curtis signed for the batteries as though nothing were wrong.

After the wrong batteries were unloaded, the old batteries were placed on the pallet and wrapped for return to the battery company. But, the model number on the batteries did not look right. A check of the contract confirmed our suspicion and Curtis was confronted with the information. Whipping out his cell phone, he pretended to call the battery company to see what happened. Pretended. He never called the battery company because he already knew that the shipment "error" was not the fault of the battery company.

As we conferred inside the house as to what to do, Curtis allowed the truck to depart with the old batteries. He then told us that we had two choices - accept the "wrong" batteries or be without power for several days because he could not contact the delivery truck to get the old batteries back that day. It was the lesser of two evils to accept the "wrong" batteries. So we did.

The Fraud
Curtis was hoping we would not notice the battery model switch. As such, he would have collected the greater due amount as opposed to the corrected amount, almost $1,000 more in his pocket. The elements of fraud are five-fold:
  1. a false statement of a material fact,
  2. knowledge on the part of the defendant that the statement is untrue,
  3. intent on the part of the defendant to deceive the alleged victim,
  4. justifiable reliance by the alleged victim on the statement, and
  5. injury to the alleged victim as a result.
Curtis Scheib was guilty of all five of the conditions of fraud.
Theft of Our Money
It is a standard practice in the industry for a core charge, or core rebate, to be paid to the owner of the battery being turned-in when a new battery is purchased. It happens at almost every auto parts store, Wal-Mart and other businesses. It is no exception with lead-acid deep-cycle solar batteries. The core exchange is the recycle value of the battery. In our case, it was estimated at about $27.00 per battery in April 2015. The price fluctuates.

The battery company mailed Curtis the core rebate the same day the batteries went back to their warehouse in Colorado Springs. Curtis kept the core rebate money, over $700.00 while pretending the battery company had not sent it yet. We owned the batteries — he kept our money.

Oh Where, Oh Where Is Curtis Scheib Hiding?
Curtis knows there has been a lawsuit filed. He even emailed our attorney concerning the issues and referenced the case. It is obvious he is trying to avoid being served the filing and the order to appear. But, he is the registered agent for both of his LLCs and as such he is supposed to make himself available for service on the two LLCs. If he has not fled Colorado, where is he hiding? If he has, did he go South or perhaps he has sought shelter with a friend or relative.

On his web site,, the three principle parties running EcoDepot USA, and presumably Solarado Energy as well, are Curtis Scheib, Founder, President and CEO; Keri Brown, Vice President, Sales and Marketing; and Brandon Scheib, Director of Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

It appears that one of Curtis Scheib's original partners in failure was one Keri Brown who seems to have also abandoned him and his business. Dr. Keri Brown, ND, we should say. She is listed on his web site as a member of the Eco Depot USA management team as vice president. Keri Brown was also listed as the registered agent for Solarado Energy on August 8, 2010 but resigning as registered agent March 21, 2011. The picture to the right shows her and Scheib at a more tender moment. Formerly in Salida, it seems she is now in practice in Louisville, Colorado. We obtained the photo on the left from her website, We have no idea why she departed the company of Curtis Scheib.


Brandon Scheib seems to move around a lot or there are several Brandon Scheibs out there. Face Book, the source of the picture, lists him as the brother of Curtis Scheib and Face Book shows him presently living in Blue Springs, Missouri, an eastern suburb of Kansas City. It appears Brandon used to live in Fort Morgan Colorado and in Longmont, Colorado. There is no indication why he migrated east to Missouri.

Shawn Scheib is the sister of Curtis Scheib. Face Book, the source of the picture, lists her as presently living in Lees Summit, Missouri, a suburb to the southeast of Kansas City. According to Face Book, she works for Internal Revenue in Kansas City. We have not been able to establish any link for her with the businesses of her brother but since both of Curtis' siblings live to the east of Kansas City it is possible he would hide near them.


Our Lawsuit Against Solarado Energy LLC, Eco Depot USA, LLC And Curtis Scheib, Defendants.

We will be posting all court documents as they are filed. Click here for the court documents.





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