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Our Lawsuit Against Curtis F. Scheib!

Last Updated March 7, 2017

Pile of Cow Crap
In our opinion, Curtis Scheib is a lying sack of cow crap. No offense meant to any cows. It is an understandable mistake. A pile of crap has more character.

Court docuuments are not subject to copyright protection. So feel free to download and use any of the files listed here.

There is more to come. Lots more. We will post tem as the case progresses.

Curtis Scheib

Fraud, Misrepresentation and Theft of Our Money

The court case filed in Park County District Court, is Case No 16CV30044. It was filed May 18, 2016.

The Complaint as a Word Document. Click here. It is eight pages.

Complaint Exhibits in PDF format. Click here. It is 19 pages in length.

For the court's Delay Reduction Order, by Judge Stephen A. Groome, in PDF format, click here. It is eight pages.


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