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Edmund Burke

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Mrs. XXXX XXXXXXX Street Address State & zip

March 15, 2007


The volume of your purchases along with your habit of buying duplicate items suggests that you are purchasing Coach product for resale. While we appreciate your enthusiasm for the Coach brand and your entrepreneurial spirit, we must advise you that no one is authorized by Coach to resell product purchased from our stores, website or accounts.

As you know, the Coach brand is synonymous with quality and excellence and Coach applies consistently high standards to its products, its consumer services and its distribution channels. To maintain these standards, Coach limits distribution beyond our own stores and our internet site to a select group who are carefully chosen for their capability and willingness to provide the resources to drive the sale of Coach product in an image-enhancing manner.

As the manufacturer of Coach brand products, we are responsible for positioning our brand and supporting the attributes that Coach believes are important to maintaining and developing consumer relationships. We believe that unauthorized distributors and retailers lack commitment to the Coach product, lack the capital investment required and, possibly, lack other criteria that are very important to the Coach brand.

Please be advised; we have notified our stores and distribution center of this matter. They have been advised that you are no longer authorized to purchase our products. I would also like to point out that we will not be able to sell to anyone who we believe is acting on your behalf.


Cynthia Linke
Regional Loss Prevention Manager