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  "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

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Angel Policies, also called Cottage Licenses, are lies told by manufacturers.

Articles on Trademark and Copyright Infringement issues, arranged by subject matter.

Articles on Trademark and Copyright Infringement issues, arranged alphabetically.

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Case Outline
  • Case Outline by the Stanford School of Law where they used Tabberone as a class project and prepared a federal lawsuit outline for us. Anyone is free to use this outline. Remember, this is only an outline.

Cease and Desist Letters & Emails received by Tabberone

Commentary by Tabberone

Copyright Articles and Information

Copyrights In General, in detail so you can understand them

Copyright Misuse Doctrine , an evolving defense to copyright infringment because of overreaching licensing by copyright owners.

Corporate Lawyers

Cottage Licenses, also called Angel Policies, are lies told by manufacturers.

Counter Notices

Cyber Cops In the Hall of Shame

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Digital Millenium Copyright Act ("DMCA")


Disney Enterprises

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eBay - Land The Game a parody

Ebroidery Designs

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FAQs & Whines

Federal Court Cases of Interest Alphabetically

Federal Court Cases of Interest by Federal Circuit

Federal Court Cases of Interest by Subject

Federal Court Cases of Interest by Case Quotes

Federal Court System

Federal Lawsuits

Federal Reporter Court of Appeals Cases from 2007 and 2006

Fleurville Settlement

Forced Labor

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Tabberone's Trademark & Copyright Abusers' Hall Of Shame

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Image and Text Theft

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Keats, McFarland & Wilson, a law firm we consider to have low standards

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Law Firms mentioned on this site (usually not favorably).
  • Banner Witcoff was added because of their bad attitude.
  • Carr McClellan Ingersoll Thompson & Horn, with John D. Minton representing Aanraku Stained Glass as only corporate lawyers can.
  • Continental Enterprises, in our opinion, the lowest of the low. Their General Counsel, Darlene Seymour, has a section devoted just to her.
  • De Novo Legal, LLP a Cyber Cop which appears to be run by two lawyers, Maria Johnson, Esq. and Pollie Alisa Gautsch, Esq., or as we are calling them, The Clueless Sisters, Esq, although Polle claims she looks nothing like Alisa Silverstone.
  • Donahue Gallagher Woods LLP, located in California, brought to these pages by Andrew S. MacKay, a partner who represented Autodesk.
  • Dozier Internet Law, P.C and their boss, John W. Dozier, for spreading misinformation about the posting of cease & desist letters and general stupidity. Calling a corporate lawyer stupid may be a bit redundant.
  • Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty and John Macaluso who is the co-founder of Gibney's Trademark Extortion Group. Trademark Extortion has become a new revenue stream of law firms who do not care about ethical misconduct.
  • Greenberg Traurig, another lying law firm that moonlights as a cyber cop and employs attorneys who do not mind lying.
  • Hemming, Polacyk, Cronin, Smith, Witthoff & Bennett, and their unethical and illegal attitude in attacking people who have not been infringing.
  • Katz & Associates, and Mark S. Katz, who admited that he has no trademark training, gloams onto the idea of using trade dress to get his plunp paycheck from pediped Footwear.
  • Keats McFarland & Wilson the first law firm to join the list. The law firm for MGA Entertainment in 2003. It now also lies for Chanel, among others.
  • Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert LLP a California law firm, joins the list. Attorney Jennifer McGrath lied to eBay claiming reselling Merle Norman cosmetics on eBay violated FDA regulations. And she continues to lie, lie, lie, as does the firm.
  • Notaro & Michalos and John Zaccaria, who represent AbRocket with their lies.
  • Polster, Lieder, Woodruff & Lucchesi, L.C, an all-white, all-male firm in Missouri that looks like they have been involved in too much in-breeding.
  • Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, LLP, and attorney Leslie K. Batté, who lie their asses off for their client, Creative Memories.
  • Reed Smith, LLC, who represents Sykel, another member of the Hall of Shame, appears to hire lawyers who slept through Constitutional Law 101 and Due Diligence 102. Darren B. Cohen sent us a cease & desist that had us rolling on the floor laughing. He declined to sue which meant he lied about the real intentions of his client.
  • Laurence Singer who does not mind lying for the admitted druggie artist Alex Grey to stop someone from reselling genuine Alex Gray posters.
  • Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP, of New York City, brought to these pages by Kenneth A. Plevan, a partner who represented Bumble and bumble.
  • Winston & Strawn, and attorney Virginia Richard, who advocate filing an intimidating and frightening lawsuit to make the smaller and less financially secure opponent runs for cover, and the truth be damned.
  • WolfBlock another law firm that had gone into the Trademark Abuse business to supplement their income. Clients included Monster Cable and Bose Wave Radio. But they went bankrupt! Poor babies.

Lanham Act, the primary federal trademark statute

Law Suits Concerning Tabberone

Lawyers, Corporate

Licensed Fabric: what you can and cannot do with it.

Licensing & Licenses

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Major League Baseball

McCall's Pattern Company
  • McCall's patterns, and its "claimed" copyrights.
  • Our deconstruction of the McCall's Quilting article in their Sept/Oct issue, titled Know Your Rights (And Wrongs) , A Copyright Primer for Quilters by Janet Jo Smith, B.A., J.D. This error-filled, self-serving tripe is being foisted upon the public by a company that has no registered copyrights for individual patterns?

Merle Norman Cosmetics

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Oklahoma Schools Craft Fair Fiasco
  • Women face inquiry in confiscation of OU, OSU crafts, Associated Press, Tulsa World, October 31, 2007. Representatives from the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University face larceny of merchandise complaints following one of the country's largest arts and crafts shows where OU and OSU-themed merchandise was confiscated.
  • Prosecutors might charge OU and OSU university officials after craft show incident, Associated Press, Tulsa World, November 9, 2007. Prosecutors still are considering whether to file theft charges against representatives from the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University who seized college-themed merchandise from several vendors at an Oklahoma City crafts show.
  • Vendors won't be charged, DA says, Associated Press, News OK, November 9, 2007. The Oklahoma County district attorney's office does not intend to prosecute vendors who allegedly infringed the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University trademarks by selling college-themed merchandise at An Affair of the Heart, Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland said this week.
  • Universities strive to protect brand, Associated Press, Daily Oklahoman, November 17, 2007. The weekend of Oct. 26-28, more than 15 vendors filed complaints of theft against Suzanne Staley, OU's director of brand development, and Judy Barnard, OSU's director of brand development, after the two women allegedly went through the event and seized merchandise that contained any reference to their respective universities, accompanied by an off-duty officer from another jurisdiction. This article sounds like a puff piece dictated by the universities.
  • 'Affair of Heart' hopes not to repeat university trademark infringements fiasco, Associated Press, Tulsa World, February 8, 2008. Organizers of a popular craft show said Friday that they hope to avoid a repeat of a previous show when representatives from the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University seized merchandise that bore licensed school trademarks.

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Parallel Imports


Precious Moments

Public Citizen Litigation Group

Purina Dog Chow, of Nestlé Purina PetCare

The Putrid Plecostomus Award to those corporate law firms and companies that go above and beyond the call of duty.

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Reality Based Community has our attention

Reed Smith, LLC, a law firm who threatened Tabberone with a defamation lawsuit in February 2006 and has yet to follow through.

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Settlements By Tabberone

Simplicity Pattern Company

Slave Labor

Stanford School of Law Case Outline where they uses Tabberone as a class project.

Sweatshops used by Disney

Sweatshops used by Major League Baseball

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Tabberone Disclaimer

Trademark Abuse, opinion and articles

Trademark Extortion

Trademarks in General, in detail so you can understand them

Trademarks Home Page

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Urban Myths

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Vittoria North America Settlement

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What To Do

Wiggles Touring Pty Limited Settlement

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A Cup Of Joe For A Joe
by Green Beans Coffee Company
Karen and Mike, also known to you as Tabberone, have been actively participating in various troop support programs for a number of years. An important one we have discovered and supported is one run by the Green Beans Coffee Company of Larkspur, California. The Green Beans Coffee Company runs coffee houses in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Middle East and at other US military bases around the world. Your donations are converted into email chits that are randomly given to military personal who are based near these coffee houses. You are then sent an email by Green Beans Coffee telling at what location your donation(s) was distributed. The military recipient of your donation is also given the opportunity to email you a thank you with a message, which many of them do.

Modern military deployment has changed very much since WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Back then there was no internet or cell phones. A soldier very rarely could call home or even go home on leave. But modern deployment does not alter the dangers they face. Green Beans Coffee is one of the little pleasures they can enjoy. Any donation makes a service man or service woman smile. We contribute every month.

More information is available at
We rarely link to other sites. It is a really good cause.

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