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Love Potion Perfume & Mara Fox
Hall Of Shame Member
Added February 28, 2008

Last Updated January 3, 2010

UPDATE - October 16, 2008 - Mara Fox, the whack-job described below, has lost her lawsuit wherein she claimed she owned the rights to the term "love potion". Click Here to read the press release. Once again, Tabberone was ahead of the justice system in her analysis of the issues and her determination that the term was not protected by trademark registration in the manner Mara Fox claimed. We await a determination about her status as a whack-job. And guess what? More than a YEAR later she has not changed her eBay AboutMe page nor has she removed the defamatory "press release" from her web site. Click here to read the entire court opinion [pdf format]).

Who hasn't heard the song, Love Potion #9? Most people have and are a little familiar with it, minimum. How about Love Potion? There are movies, noevels and fairy tales about love potions.

Did you know that both are trademarked? Yes! Generic terms trademarked! Can you believe it? What are the trademark lawyers having for lunch? Perhaps too much liquid? Trademark rules specifically deny trademark status to generic terms. A generic trademark is exactly what Love Potion is and that is what a federal court said in Dessert Beauty, Inc. v. Fox, August 11, 2008.

So, you ask (you being a savvy and interested individual), who holds these trademarks? Well, here they are:

  • "Love Potion", #74538262, July 4, 1995, by Mara Fox, 520 Washington Blvd., Suite 199 Marina Del Ray CA 90292

  • "THAITONIC LOVE POTION #9", #75918219, March 19, 2002, by Mark Born & Fred Fuster, 3619 Sara Dr. Torrance CA 90503

  • "Love Potion #9", #76206670, April 8, 2003, by Mara Fox, 520 Washington Blvd., Suite 199 Marina Del Ray CA 90292

  • "VOODOO QUEEN OLD ORLEANS LOVE POTION", #76259190, June 11, 2002, by Baby's Place Coffee Bar, Inc. P.O. Box 6558 Key West FL 33040

  • "LOVE POTION NO. NINE", #76406237, March 4, 2003, by Whitetail Strategies, Inc. 136 North Main Street Florida NY 10921

  • "LOVE POTION", #76424612, September 16, 2003, by MS. BUBBLES, INC. 110 East Ninth Street Suite B-835 Los Angeles CA 90079

  • "LOVE POTION", #78365137, September 20, 2005, by Dean Markley Strings, Inc. 3350 Scott Boulevard, #45 Santa Clara CA 95054

  • "LOVE POTION #31", #78378034, October 18, 2005, by Baskin-Robbins Incorporated 31 Baskin-Robbins Place Glendale CA 91201

  • "LOVE POTION", #78903665, May 29, 2007, by 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC. ONE OLD COUNTRY ROAD SUITE 500 CARLE PLACE NY 11514
This list doesn't include those marks pending or no longer in use.

Why did we put this here? Mara Fox, who owns two of the trademarks listed above, insists on her web site page, located at, and on her eBay About Me page, that:

"We are the only ones officially authorized to use this phrase, including variations of the phrase".
Mara Fox is lying. Not the first time we will show her lying. She's spending too much time listening to the voices in her head. According to the U.S. Trademark Office, as shown above (as of February 28, 2008), there are SEVEN other valid trademarks that use or incorporate the terms "love potion" and/or "love potion #9". So, what else is she lying about? We'll tell you.

In early 2006, Mara Fox "distributed" a press release titled "Jessica Simpson And Clean Perfume Creator Accused Of Dirty Dealings" in which she stated she had filed a law suit against Desert Beauty and Jessica Simpson for trademark infringement. In addition to her web site, this "press release" was seen on other web sites such as,, where it was picked up and duplicated. This "press release" is biased and makes Simpson and Desert beauty sound like wanton criminal.

What Mara Fox lies about is that SHE was sued by Desert Beauty on April 15, 2005. She counter-claimed against Jessica Simpson in January 2006, she didn't file "her suit last week in a New York Federal Court", as she claims, making it look like she was the aggressor. What she also fails to say is that on July 26, 2006, Jessica Simpson, and other counter-claim defendants named by her, were voluntarily dropped, by her, from the very same lawsuit. And the case drags on. At one point, Mara Fox improperly attempted to represent herself in federal court. As a business she cannot legally do that.

She also lies on her eBay About Me page when she falsely claims:

9) Items are halted according to Ebay's Vero rules. We cannot contact people in advance, it is against Ebay's rules.
The is not, and never has been, anything in eBay's rules prohibiting a VeRO member from contacting a seller before terminating an auction. Her entire rant about infringement is garbage. She lists "prohibited items" without saying who, other than her and the voices in her head, have declared them to be prohibited. Let us hope she is not being allowed to breed.

To view her present eBay About Me page, as of this posting, click here.

Mara, welcome to the Tabberone Trademark & Copyright Abusers' Hall of Shame. You have an extra large space reserved for you and those voices in your head.

Oh, FYI Mara. This bottle on the left is being sold on the internet by a competitor on a web site. Are you only going after the easy targets on eBay? That's our guess. But, in our never to be humble opinion, you don't own the right to stop other people from using a generic term to sell perfume or anything else. Stuff it in your ear, Mara, since you use your ass to talk out of.

UPDATE April 5, 2008 - seems Mara has pissed off a lot of other people as well. The Gypsy Connection, who linked to this page, has had what appears to be a long-running fued with Mara and Love Potion and calls Mara Fox a thief..

Articles about the legal toubles of Mara Fox:




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