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  "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

It is our opinion and belief that corporate lawyers regularly lie not only to the courts but to potential opponents of their clients. We regularly document their lies in our web pages. Where a company's lawyer was reasonable and retracted the actions against the seller, that company has not been listed as an abuser. These are RARE occurances. Usually the corporate lawyer maintains the line of lies and propaganda that the client wants perpetrated regardless of the invalid legal position of the client and the unnecessary harm to the legitimate seller. After all, these corporate lawyers have yachts, cars, villas, and offices for which they must pay expenses. It's not their place to refuse that corporate expense check.

This list includes a variety of others who, in our never to be humble opinion, we believe have lied about copyright and/or trademark infringement to parties who were not infringing, just like they were lawyers or had some sort of legal knowledge.

Corporate Lawyers (and Quasi-lawyers) Who Have Lied

And Their Law Firms And The Clients For Whom They Have Lied
* List Includes Those Acting In The Capacity Of Lawyers
In Alphabetical Order by Lawyer
Lying According To Our Definition

Lawyer or Quasi-lawyer Law Firm Company Represented
Leslie K. Batté Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP Creative Memories
Jeffery Blake Sutherland Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd
William M. Bryner Kilpatrick Stockton LLP Krisy Kreme
*Joe Burns In-house Flunky at Kilpatrick Stockton LLP Krisy Kreme
Matthew W. Carlin Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP HIT Entertainment
Inely Cessna in-house counsel M&M/Mars
*Erica Clemmens Compliance Specialist Univera Life Sciences
Darren B. Cohen Reed Smith LLP Fabrique Innovations d.b.a. Sykel Enterprises
*Sharon Teal-Coray Whack-job Shining Feather Originals
*Brian Crawford Trademarks and Licensing Girl Scouts of America
David A. Deck In-House Counsel Chuck E Cheese, CEC
John W. Dozier Dozier Internet Law John W. Dozier
*Carole A. Faulkner ESPC Legal Department Embroidery Software Protection Coalition
*Martin Favre In-house Whack-Job Embroidery Software Protection Coalition
Christopher S. Finnerty WolfBlock Monster Cable
*Mara Fox In-House Whack-Job Love Potion Perfume
Maidena Fulford Assistant General Counsel Continental Enterprises
Sy Garfinkel In-House Whack-Job Fabrique Innovations d.b.a. Sykel Enterprises
*Ryan Garrison Business Manager Visiball
Pollie Gautsch De Novo Legal, LLP John Deere
*Catherine Granville President Fleurville, Inc
Evan Gouritz Asshole Fross Zelnick Timberland
*Jennifer Harris Internal Affairs Juice Plus, a.k.a. NSA, LLC
*Becky Hui In-house Whack-Job Sanrio a.k.a. Hello Kitty
Maria Johnson De Novo Legal, LLP John Deere
Steven M. Kaufmann Morrison & Foerster LLP Major League Baseball Properties
Jeffery Lai In-House Counsel E! Entertainment Television
Ryan Lubner Baseball Attorney Scott Boras Corp
Andrew S. MacKay Donahue Gallagher Woods LLP Autodesk
Michael Martin Snell & Wilmer, LLP E! Entertainment Television
*Donna McCaulry ESPC Legal Department Embroidery Software Protection Coalition
Larry McFarland Keats, McFarland & Wilson MGA Entertainment
Jennifer McGrath Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert LLP Merle Norman
William M. Mansfield General Counsel Continental Enterprises
Donald E. Morris Dozier Internet Law John W. Dozier
*Denise Mosteller Senior Paralegal Continental Enterprises
*Randall Patterson Vice-President Sanrio a.k.a. Hello Kitty
*Ray Perman In-house Whack-Job Sevenarts, Ltd
Kenneth A. Plevan Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP Bumble and bumble
Timothy P. Polishan Timothy P. Polishan Laurel Burch Artwork
*Mike Reisinger In-house Whack-Job Reich Publishing & Marketing
*David & Eva Rogath In-house Whack-Jobs Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts
Scott Sandberg Snell & Wilmer Sevenarts, Ltd
*Nancy Sebastian office worker at Sutherland Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd
Darlene Seymour General Counsel Continental Enterprises
Fabio Silva In-House Counsel Burberry
Laurence Singer Alex Grey
*Maria Stanfield Senior Legal Assistant Collegiate Licensing Company
*Cheryl Stewart In-house Whack-Job Ojon Corporation
*Malyna Truong Executive Administrative Assistant Janson-Beckett Cosmeceutical
*Patricia L. Urban In-house Whack-Job Security Essentials, LLP SalonQuest Cosmetics
*Terry Ursino Manager Litigation & Trademark Dunkin Donuts
*Robert Waller President Vittoria North America
*Todd White Assistant Director Internal Affairs Juice Plus, a.k.a. NSA, LLC
John Zaccaria Mann & Zarpas, LLP AbRocket
Crystal A. Zarpas Notaro & Michalos P.C. Red Monkey Designs




In an effort to provide a balanced view, we make the following offer to anyone who feels they have been wrongly accused on this web site.

If you, or your company, have been referenced on these pages, and you would like the chance to post a rebuttal, we will post your rebuttal (provided it is in good taste) so others can read it. The rebuttal must be submitted in a format that can easily be converted into HTML. We reserve the right to alter the rebuttal to make it more readable. However, we will not alter the content (unless there is offensive material to be removed). We also reserve the right to comment on any rebuttal received. Emails protesting the content of this web site may be treated as rebuttals by us at our discretion.

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