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  "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

De Novo Legal
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Added December 1, 2007

Last Updated October 21, 2008

De Novo Legal, LLP, is located at 171 Saxony Road, Suite 209, Encinitas , California 92024. It appears to be run by two "lawyers", Maria Johnson, Esq. and Pollie Alisa Gautsch, Esq., or as we are calling them, "The Clueless Sisters, Esq". Their email addresses are and Their web site is

Johnson & Gautsch
"The Clueless Sisters, Esq"

On October 21, 2008, we dedicated a Tabberone Trademarks and Copyright Abusers' Hall of Shame listing for De Novo Legal, LLP. Our counters show that De Novo Legal, LLP is second after Continental Enterprises in Cyber Cop interest. The two get more page views than all of the rest combined. Naughty, naughty.

The only company that we know about that they represent is John Deere. Since the last time we visited De Novo Legal's web pages, they have added one Tim Dennison as Intellectual Property Specialist. What the hell is that? Some flunky whose job it is to troll the internet looking for, or fabricating, alleged trademark infringement? Looks like he was an unemployed Silicon Valley preppie who got just enough legal learnin' to be dangerous. The About Us page on the De Novo web site reads like an enhanced job resume where the applicant "creates" the illusion they had a meaningful job somewhere in order to impress whoever is reading the resume.

We address their misdirected views on the John Deere page. They, or perhaps just Pollie Gautsch, also appear to own and run another web site called G & A Legal.

These people are not the least bit concerned in the law but in following the orders of their clients for their fees. In support of this, as lawyers they are ethically required to know their field of practice. If they are going after trademark and copyright infringers, then they need to know the law. From their emails, they do not. In our opinion, that makes them bottom-feeders.

On March 28, 2008, we received a Cease & Desist demand from De Novo Legal through their attorney, George Rikos. We have received much better Cease & Desist demands. We responded on March 31, 2008. Since we did not give in to any of their demands, we must assume that "The Clueless Sisters, Esq" will have a conniption and feel compelled to file a frivolous lawsuit alleging defamation. Bring it on Maria & Pollie. Ride them brooms right down to the courthouse and file that lawsuit! Oh, wait. Defamation is a state tort so you'll have to travel to Colorado to file. Bring your snow brooms. What we find amusing is that Pollie Gautsch is a lawyer who works with another lawyer and she hires some yo-yo in Pennsylvania to send us a cease & desist letter. What's the matter, Pollie? Did you sleep through Legal Intimidation 101?

Pollie Gautsch, as of April 6, 2008, claims to have left De Novo Legal, LLP (evidence on her the web site says this is a lie) and is now running something called San Diego Green Homes, also in San Diego. Let's hope (dream on) that she will do a better job running San Diego Green Homes and perform in what we would characterize as a more ethical and professional manner. However, we cannot ignore her blatant attempts to get these pages removed. AFTER having her witless, bottom-feeding corporate lawyer, George Rikos, send us a threatening cease & desist letter, she had the gall to email us directly.

Her first email was a bit confusing. She was acting dumb (we think she was acting), or acting like we were dumb, with:

My name is Pollie Gautsch and I think you have me on your website. You said some things on there that are untrue. I have a website called and we are a networking site for green home building. My investors do not like having this reference to me on the site.
Will you please remove?

She thinks we have her on our web site? Pollie, you are the poster girl for stupid.

She followed in another email with:

Yes, I am the same person that used to be with De Novo Legal. I am no longer with that firm anymore. I thought that maybe I could just reach out and reason with you. Also, if you do want to discuss your accusations I will. Our investigator did everything our client (John Deere) asked of him. He actually did not remove your contact's auction. He actually spent the time to e-mail her and inform her of the fact that she/he used the John Deere name in the auction title inappropriatly.

First, she is still with De Novo Legal. As of this update, October 21, 2008, her name is still displayed on the De Novo Legal web site at We non-lawyers call this a lie; a prevarication; a canard. Lawyers like Pollie call it an every day occurrence. Second, we would have sued John Deere in a heartbeat over the eBay takedown. The auction title wasn't that bad where De Novo Legal, acting on behalf of and with the blessings of John Deere, for what could best be described as a minor mistake, threatened an auction and potentially ruin a small business. And for what? Wording that really didn't matter in the grand scheme of things? We still doubt that a federal court would find that action by a seller to be infringing. And, we never said or implied on the John Deere pages that the auction was "removed", only that De Novo Legal had sent threatening emails making demands that, in our opinion, were went beyond trademark infringement and therefore were unethical.

When we asked Pollie to specify exactly what on the web site was incorrect or defamatory, she replied:

  1. We did not "rack up" billable hours. Believe me!
  2. The auction title did not explain to the consumer that the JD fabric-covered checkbooks were not licensed by JD. John Deere, as you probably know, has so many problems with counterfeit items. They want to make it clear to all consumers what is a licensed JD product and what is a handmade or secondary market product. I do realize that rainbow had explained this in the body of her auction. However, JD requests that this information is explained in the title of the auction.
  3. I do not look anything like Alisa Silverstone...

Did we miss something? Where are the "libelous and malicious statements directed to Pollie Gautsch" and the "defamatory statements" referenced by bottom-feeding corporate lawyer George Rikos in his Cease & Desist demand? George Rikos, tell us you didn't exaggerate in your letter? Surely you wouldn't lie to us?

Our opinion of Pollie Gautsch is that she is a lying, self-centered corporate lawyer (wait - that's redundant) who doesn't care who she hurts as long as she gets her legal fees.

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