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Vero Articles

  • "Anti-piracy efforts open can of worms on eBay", June 1, 2000, by CNET News, about MicroSoft and eBay shutting down auctions using the VeRO Program.

  • Are Unfair Takedowns Becoming EBay's Trademark? June 12, 2007, posted by Ed Foster of The InfoWorld Gripe Line,

  • "Auction of the NOTs", February 25, 2000, about an auction terminated by the Religious Technology Center (read "scientology") for trying to sell a lawfully acquired item. "Auction of the NOTs" is from "Shy David's Scientology Page".

  • "Beware Designer Items", April 22, 2001, by Auction Bytes, about Chanel terminating auctions "claiming" counterfeits when they weren't. Chanel is notorious for this.

  • Complaints.Com a message board for consumer complaints, March 13, 2002, about Adobe software auctions being terminated and what little information or help the seller got from eBay.

  • Complaints.Com #2 a message board for consumer complaints, June 24, 2002, about auctions being terminated for "keyword spamming". The seller had used "Sega Genesis" to describe the the system for which the game was designed.

  • "Copyright dispute becomes quite a yarn", A seattle Times article 2003, about Alice Starmore, some ditz who was illegally terminating knitting eBay auctions. Kevin Pursglove, resident idiot at eBay, falsely states that language included with a sale limits resale of the item.

  • Does eBay really understand the big picture?, editorial about eBay terminating an auction that was selling a jar of sand from the beach in Atlantic City. Terminated at the request of the city! Posted by the Online Auction Users Association, January 2003.

  • "eBay and Privacy", April 22, 2003, is actually two letters sent to the FTC about eBay and eBay's practices concerning privacy and how these policies are are deceptive and very possibly illegal.

  • eBay sales of e-meters hit the news, Skeptic Tank article, October 31, 2000, about the Church of Scientology again illegally ordering an auction terminated. Kevin Pursglove, resident idiot at eBay, again puts his foot in his mouth.

  • eBay Strikes Back, Sues for Frivolous DMCA Takedowns, dragged into a lawsuit, eBay relaliates. January 5, 2008.

  • eBay to Law Enforcement - We're Here to Help, February 17, 2002, an article about eBay and how willing it is to give private information to just about anyone who wants it. What he article does not cover is the fact that eBay will not under any circumstances give a VeRO'd seller any information about the VeRO member.

  • eBay Yanks Levy/Condit Art From Site, July 6, 2001, about eBay canceling an auction of a painting depicting missing Washington intern Chandra Levy and California Congressman Gary Condit. Condit's office claiming the painting "contains material which violates their copyright, trademark or other rights." Bull Shit. Shame on you Congressman. What about the Bill Of Rights?

  • Origami Boulder Auction from the Off The Wall Auction message board, from June 2002, about an auction terminated by VeRO that offered "a wad of paper".

  • Paypal (eBay) loses suit over mandatory arbitration. A federal judge in San Jose, California, ruled against Paypal (eBay) and the mandatory arbitration clause in their user agreement. September 2002.

  • Scientology abuses eBay's VeRO program, article from February 18, 2008 on RealityBasedCommunity.net.

  • "Smile-You're on eBay!", from 1999, by Jeffrey A. Babener, a mis-guided article by a corporate lawyer who presents the agrument that a company can prevent it's products from being sold on eBay. Typical legal corporate hack who forgets about the "First Sale Doctrine". He laments about items being sold for less than at "authorized dealers" and infers that selling a company's products on eBay dilutes valuable trademark names.

  • Trademark Abuses Of The Month posted by David Nieporent, June 27, 2007, about Ed Hardy and others who are abusing the VeRO program.

  • Trademarks on eBay: worse than the DMCA posted by David Alpert for The Information Policy Action Committee, June 22, 2007

  • Vendors don't want you to sell used software as you would used books or CDs, The Gripe Line, by Ed Foster and InfoWorld from 2001, about software auctions on eBay and how software vendors are abusing the DMCA and VeRO.

  • Universal Autograph Collector's Club, titled "Ebay VeRO Program", about autographs being auctioned on eBay that are improperly being ended by celebrities because they don't want their autographs sold on eBay.
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