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Juice Plus
Hall Of Shame Member
Added December 18, 2006

Last Updated - January 1, 2010

What can we say about Juice Plus that hasn't already been said? Nothing? You wanna bet?

Someone low-intelligence persons of authority named Dennis Dodd, Jennifer Harris and Todd White, populate the Internal Affairs at NSA. It sounds like a police show but not as funny. These are playground bullies who have moved their lunch stealing activities to the internet and become cyber thugs who troll the internet for victims.

Juice Plus appears to be cashing in on the health food fad by selling overpriced, you guessed it, JUICE!. Their web site touts the many "studies", and "professional opinions", that support the "virtues" of their product while allowing them to jack the price up to space station altitudes. Except we have found a number of "studies" and "professional opinions" on the internet that contradict those presented by Juice Plus. And we have a question for Juice Plus - does Juice Plus openly solicit idiots like Dennis Dodd, Jennifer Harris and Todd White as employees or do people morph into idiots after they become employed at Juice Plus? Either way, Juice Plus should take a serious look into their hiring practices.

So what was the heinous crime that got them membership on these hallowed pages? STUPIDITY.

They don't want their product sold by anyone other than "authorized" dealers. On November 30, 2006, using the eBay contact the buyer option, Juice Plus, also known as NSA, LLC, contacted Lisa who was selling their "juice" on eBay. Their email was low-level threatening but the tone was there. The demand was to "remove your auction" and then to call someone with an order number in hand for a refund. What if you don't have your original order form? Out of luck?

The next day, Jennifer Harris of Internal Affairs at NSA contacted Lisa more directly. The Second Email again quoted that "unauthorized" persons are not allowed to sell Juice Plus products. Then came the infamous unauthorized use of trademark threat:

"Any use of company trade names or trademarks without permission from NSA is strictly prohibited."

Guess what, Jennifer, you Dodo, Lisa already has permission to use the trade name, trademarks, and pictures. It's called the Lanham Act and the provision within the Lanham Act is called The Fair Use Doctrine. For your edification Jennifer, it basically says someone has the right to use a trademark, trademark name, and pictures of their product, to accurately describe the product they are offering, if the product was manufactured by the trademark owner. DUH! So, Jennifer, what is your legal background to be misinforming people of their non-rights? Shyster Intimidation 101?

Not to be intimidated, Lisa shot back an email asking Juice Plus what part of the First Sale Doctrine (copyright law) and what part of the Fair Use Doctrine (trademark law) did not apply to her offering and why.

After a few days, Jennifer Harris of Internal Affairs at NSA turned the issue over to Todd White, the Assistant Director of Internal Affairs. perhaps it was a little too much for her tiny brain. In any event, Todd White, the Assistant Director of Internal Affairs at NSA, promptly echoed the company line about Lisa not being "protected" from liability, twice in one email. What a guy. But the lie he tells is so-o-o obvious -

"Our products are to be sold only by authorized distributors covered by NSA's liability insurance."

Covered by NSA's liability insurance? Bullshit. Todd, do you think everyone else is as stupid as you sound?

But, Todd, baby, we have a problem here. Lisa described these offerings as "freeze dried fruits and vegetables in a capsule". Expiration dates are advisory, not mandatory. We have never seen a label that said, "If you eat this after this date you will die!" It always says something like, "Best before this date". Todd? Are you saying your Juice Plus product becomes toxic after the expiration date? Have you warned your consumers? Maybe your product should include the warning: If you consume this after the expiration date, run, do not walk, to the nearest hospital.

And Todd, and you Jennifer, who is maryannsican? On December 6, 2006, she sent an email to Lisa that was s-o-o-o childish and immature it boosted your company to the head of the list for induction to this web site. She is so obviously one of yours it's pathetic. Just signed up and NO feedback? What? You didn't get your way so you decided to have a temper tantrum? Grow up, dude.

So, since nothing way going their way, Jennifer Harris of Internal Affairs at NSA, decided to take over this issue, again, after another NINE DAYS. Seems that Todd White, the Assistant Director of Internal Affairs, wasn't man enough for the job. So, on December 15, 2006, Jennifer Harris of Internal Affairs at NSA, again emailed Lisa with another "yawner". Oops, we meant "threatening email". Jennifer, go park your broom and bone up on trademark law. Your threats are without merit. Juice Plus is just another company in a long line of companies attempting to control the secondary market through lies and intimidation. Again, pathetic.

Also, inquiring minds want to know. Who is the "JK" you carbon at the end of the email? Your lawyer? Or just some attempt to look important?

Seems the are others who are critical of Juice Plus. Stephen Barrett, M.D. wrote an article for MLMWatch called Juice Plus: A Critical Look which is really documented and tears into Juice Plus.

T. Rex's Guide to Life also cites a study that questions a children's study touted by Juice Plus.

Cry away, Juice Plus. Your business ethics seem to be rotten. Let's hope your juice isn't.

Update April 3, 2007

From Lisa: "I did as she (Jennifer Harris) suggested and returned the Juice Plus, but didn't have a sales order number. Guess what?! I did not get a reply or a refund, they kept my product."

So, boys and girls, what can we deduce from this? In our opinion, not only are the IP people at Juice Plus stupid in their attitude, approach, and knowledge of trademark law, but they are also liars and cheats and not to be trusted.

UPDATE August 2, 2009 - Juice Plus is still sending out their phony emails demanding eBay auctions of their products be terminated. Now they do not include a name, just a department. However, based upon the way they treated Lisa, we would not suggest anyone take their word for anything. To date, we do not know of anyone they have taken action against beyond just threats.

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