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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 16:57:49 -0600
From: Jennifer Harris
Subject: Unauthorized Sale of JP+ products (nondist-2nd)
To: norman

December 15, 2006

Hi Norm,
Again, it has come to our attention that you have placed several offers to sell Juice Plus+ products on the eBay auction website.
This email letter is the 2nd notice we have sent informing you that our products are not to be sold by unauthorized individuals for your protection.
Juice Plus+ and other NSA products can only be sold through Independent Distributors. Any use of company trade names or trademarks without permission from NSA is strictly prohibited. NSA Inc. Juice Plus+ is a member of the eBay Vero program and we enforce the right to protect our trademarks.
In light of the foregoing, we request that you Please remove your auction and cease any future offers to sell Juice Plus+ products on the auction website.
Please call 1-800-347-6350, with your sales order #. Let the representative know you removed your auction from eBay for a refund.
We can issue you a refund for all of your remaining unopened products. If you don't have a sales order, customer service can also look up any method of payment, or personal information that was given when the order was placed, such as address or phone number.

Thank you for your understanding,
Jennifer Harris
Internal Affairs
NSA Home Office...USA
140 Crescent Drive
Collierville, TN 38017

cc: JK

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