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This is a reconstruction of the original auction, with pictures, after the auction ended. The basic information is contained and unaltered. The format has been edited to remove eBay's garbage and extraneous information.

270062270853 Winning bid: US $305.00

Juice Plus, 56 Bottles

(PLEASE NOTE: Some of the bottles in this lot are expired, see details below)

Up for auction is this lot of 56 ea. bottles of Juice Plus, the orchard and garden blend.
I know very little about it as I am not a Juice Plus Dealer, nor am I associated with NSA.
These are left over from when my hubby was on a "health" kick!
The bottles have never been opened and are FACTORY-SEALED.
Like I stated earlier, some of them are out of date, but I don't think that would matter much, as these are like freeze dried fruits and vegetables in a capsule.
Here are the expirations dates as listed on the bottom and/or side of each bottle:

Expires: 11/05 - 4 Bottles
Expires: 12/05 - 4 Bottles
Expires: 02/06 - 16 Bottles
Expires: 06/06 - 5 Bottles
Expires: 07/06 - 4 Bottles
Expires: 11/06 - 8 Bottles
Expires: 12/06 - 7 Bottles
Expires: 07/07 - 4 Bottles
Expires: 08/07 - 4 Bottles

I am starting this auction at $1.00, with "NO RESERVE", so even with the expired bottles, this is a good deal!
This stuff is normally very expensive!
Items sold "as is", no refunds or returns.
The package will weigh approximately 11 lbs. if you want to estimate shipping.

TERMS: I accept money orders or checks
Merchandise will be held and will not ship until check clears which is usually 7-10 days.
Will ship to the 50 U.S. States only.
Shipping will be calculated and a total will be sent at the end of auction
For tracking purposes, I ship via USPS Priority Mail or Fedex Ground Only.
You can e-mail me for a shipping quote.
If you have any questions, please ask before the end of auction to avoid confusion

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