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Ojon Corp
Hall Of Shame Member

Last Updated January 16, 2010

The "people of beautiful hair" and a shitty attitude.

Their website gives their address as : Ojon™ Corp., 327 Church Street, Suite 21, Oakville, Ontario, L6J 1P2 Canada. They are just another cosmetic company who believes that if they add some odd ball smell to their lotions and increase the price, customers will actually believe the product is something special. Cow shit is special to gardeners but it is still cow shit.

These Ojon people do not want their fine overpriced products being sold on eBay. eBay is beneath their dignity. In October, 2005, Ojon improperly shut down an auction by a seller named Melissa. Some frozen-brained dimwit named Cheryl Stewart told her:

Dear Melissa,
Ojon name and logo are trademarked and by using either one in your description, you are violating our intellectual property rights. Ojon screens all retailers before allowing them to sell their products. We are only available in high class salons and retail locations. We do not want our products being bought or auctioned on ebay. We are working in having all Ojon items being removed from ebay but it is a timely process.

Cheryl Stewart
Ojon Corporation

This stupidity qualifies Ojon for the Tabberone We Say So Award These people are idiots. Fair Use allows the use of the product's name to sell a product. Pictures of the product are also allowed under the law. And, who cares if they do not want their product sold on eBay? They don't have a legal leg to stand on there. Whatever they are using as a shampoo is rotting their brains. And Cheryl, why do you not get a real job, say standing on the street corner waving at sailors? At least that job has some dignity attached rather than being a loser pimp for a cosmetics ripoff.

A seller name Laurie ran into a similar problem. She emailed us in November 2005:

I was selling hair care products by a company called "Ojon." I spoke with a VP on the phone and she stated that by simply showing their logo in the picture I took, I am violating their copyright.

Ojon is WRONG again. Imagine trying to sell a car and not being able to say it's a Ford? A picture of the product isn't infringing and never has been infringing. So, what is copyrighted? Not their name because that is a trademark. Names cannot be copyrighted. The product label? Product labels, product specifications and product descriptions cannot be copyrighted. Plus, Ojon has nothing registered with the US Copyright Office. So they are lying.

Ojon is ripe for a lawsuit here. Some idiot in their office decided to play god and is stuck on stupid. Also, does Ojon actually believe that their bone-headed tactics won't be publicized? It didn't take long for the issue to get onto the eBay chat boards, the PowerSeller Board on November 2, 2005. The word will spread that Ojon is an asshole outfit, their staff are jerks, and do not buy their products. These people will talk.




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