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Chuck E. Cheese
Hall Of Shame Member
Added August 30, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese Claims
To Thwart Soccer Mom
Counterfeiting Ring

A Tabberone Exclusive!
August 30, 2007

David A. Deck, Legal Counsel for CEC Entertainment Concepts, L.P., located in Irving, Texas, is diligently pursuing Soccer Mom counterfeiters on eBay, the internet auction site. There appears to be a huge black market for Chuck E. Cheese "winner's receipts" obtained by youngsters gaming at the Chuck E. Cheese outlets where IDs are routinely not checked. Tabberone has not been able to positively confirm that the 1-800-ADDICTED2CEC hot line set up for addicted CEC-Gamers does actually help stem the gaming disease.

Click on picture for a full-sized view
According to emails obtained by Tabberone, David A. Deck's formula for determining what constitutes a "counterfeit" receipt appears to depend upon the eyesight of the person viewing the auction listing. (Click on the picture at the left to see what we mean). According to David A. Deck, Legal Counsel for CEC Entertainment Concepts, there are "typically" two major indicators as to how they can "identify" counterfeit Chuck E. Cheese "winner's receipts": (1) CEC-Gamers don't earn 5,000 tickets in one visit (even 2000 is rare), and (2) CE-Gamers don't take the tickets home and save them. WOW! Thank you, David A. Deck, Legal Counsel for CEC Entertainment Concepts, for your wonderful insights into how these despicable creatures are cheating Chuck E. Cheese.

The reason we bring up "eyesight" as a condition for determining what is a counterfeit, is when the listing picture is examined, it is easy to read the dates and amounts of the "winner's receipts"; 11/4/2006 Saturday, 3/18/2007 Sunday, 2/21/2007 Wednesday. None of the receipts is for more than 439 points. And, there is a serial number and there is a bar code. So what would you suppose is included in the bar code? Probably the date, the number of points, the serial number, and the store number (#2910). And, there is a Chuck E. Cheese logo printed on the backside of these receipts. So, lets suppose that these "winner's receipts" are redeemed. The bar code gets scanned into a computer that verifies that "winner's receipt" number so-and-so for so-many points has been redeemed. Any attempt to later redeem a duplicate would be rejected because the computer has accepted and paid out for that ticket. So, why are these soccer moms counterfeiting receipts that can't be redeemed? Those tickets MUST be authentic. These soccer moms are counterfeiting "tickets" that sell for less than one cent a point on eBay? Or, are they?

What if a soccer mom's kids don't want the cheap schlock prizes and just want to play the games? What if they keep the "winner's receipts" as trophies for bragging rights until the next session?

According to David A. Deck, Legal Counsel for CEC Entertainment Concepts, they could not determine whether the receipts were authentic or not because of the "nature" of the listing(s). HUH? Computer generated receipts being redeemed by computer, carrying a bar code and other information. But, interestingly enough, nowhere in his emails does David A. Deck, Legal Counsel for CEC Entertainment Concepts, ever claim that anyone has ever counterfeited these receipts. Why not? We think it's because he's pulling an excuse out of his ass, that's why not. We Smell A Rat!
Chuck is berserk

Chuck E. Cheese got jacked up over people selling the receipts on eBay and wanted it stopped. That's what we think happened. They start terminating legitimate auctions, figuring they were in the clear and someone fights back. OPPS! That someone begins emailing and emailing and quotes the First Sale Doctrine. So what does David A. Deck, Legal Counsel for CEC Entertainment Concepts, do? He quotes a feeble defense about "lawfully acquired" being necessary for the First Sale Doctrine and fair use to apply. And, if this pest (the person emailing him) would supply evidence the receipts are authentic, they would "reevaluate (their) current stance". So, without proof, David A. Deck, Legal Counsel for CEC Entertainment Concepts, is accusing this mom of committing a crime. We are so proud of you Dave, we will not call you a rat turd (even though you are).

David Deck
We Smell A Rat! David A. Deck, Legal Counsel for CEC Entertainment Concepts, is what we call another corporate, bottom-feeding lawyer, who doesn't care what innocent party gets hurt as long as his client gets what they want. Consider this, David JerkWad Deck, if another dim-wit lawyer like you had terminated some more actions belonging to this seller BEFORE you so graciously rescinded your perjury-laden auction termination, eBay could have, and very likely would have, suspended this seller for being a repeat offender, when in fact she was not. But do you care? We think not and your actions and attitude support our belief.

And, while you were taking your sweet-ass time restoring her auctions, she kept "bothering" you about when would you. Your pompous, demeaning, and self-righteous answer to her, "Patience is a virtue. I will send the e-mail to ebay (sic) shortly.", to us is an indication of why people hate corporate lawyers so much. You arrogant asshole. You couldn't wait to order the termination of perfectly legitimate auctions (August 4), your office took its time making its first response (August 9), YOU waited another six days before YOU could be bothered to reply (August 15), and then YOU waited another six days after receiving pictures confirming authenticity before YOU emailed eBay to restore the auctions (August 21). And YOU chastise someone about "patience"? Was she interfering with your golf game? Doesn't CEC Entertainment Concepts have a competent lawyer? Or are you related to the owner?

And who is Amy Wong? Please tell us she is some simple-minded bitch who works for you. It appears she emailed an eBay seller on behalf of CEC Entertainment Concepts to harass the eBay seller. It seems perfect that she would work for you. She needs to change her name to Amy Wrong.




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