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Sharon Teal-Coray
Hall Of Shame Member
Added December 20, 2006

Last updated : September 6, 2010

UPDATE June 20, 2008 - Sharon Teal-Coray has a blog that she has started called her "Hall of Shame Rebuttal" in which she whines about what we say. We re-created her wonderful piece HERE as opposed to linking to it for several reasons. One, she can alter the blog at any time and we want you to see it as she really did it. Two, Sharon Teal-Coray might one day remove it all together (and she did) and then what would we have? Three, it's quicker and easier here because we remove the slow-loading ads, etc. Four, we can comment on it as you read it. For the most part she just whines but she does tell some outright lies upon which we do comment more. "Hall of Shame Rebuttal" You will note that we post full emails and that we do not quote out of context.

UPDATE January 2008 - we received an email from another of Sharon's victims who is less than impressed with the antics of this whack-job. Click here" to read the email. The victim's contact information has been edited out but the remainder of the email is unaltered. We find her statement "(Sharon) has done much to HURT the painting industry" very interesting.

UPDATE May 21, 2007 - three whack jobs, Annie Long from Brisbane, Australia, Randy Teal, from Holladay Utah, and ChristianBeliefsAndTruths@yahoo.com, whom we believe is actually Sharon Teal-Coray trying to be anonymous, have taken exception to this web page. Their emails and our comments have been added to the bottom of this page. Seems Sharon Teal-Coray has enlisted the help of friends and relatives to do her whining for her. From now on maybe we should call her Sharon The-Born-Again-Coward

Sharon Teal-Coray and her "friends" claim we are violating her copyright. We are not. The web site of Sharon Teal-Coray plainly states:

"Unauthorized copying or downloading is strictly prohibited without permission from Sharon Teal-Coray Any infringement will result in legal action."

So, Sharon Teal-Coray, why don't you sue us? You can't because we are not infringing. But your cowardly friends will continue to whine for you. Pathetic, really, as are you. We do not believe it is your "friends" emailing us with rude, crude, and obsessive rants; we believe it is YOU, in your born-again-Christian hypocritical mantra. Who else would take this much time and effort? You confirm our analysis; you are a narrow-minded bully who preys on the innocent. Bullies don't have the guts to stand up and be recognized for what they are; they hide in the bushes and behind anonymous emails. Look in the mirror Sharon; you are what you are calling us but we do not hide.

Donna, who sells under the name of WittyWife, sells crafting books on her web site and on eBay. Her web site, www.WittyWife.com lists a lot of items. She buys these books from reputable publishers and distributors and then resells them. Then, on June 28, 2006, WittyWife received an email from eBay terminating her auction of a craft book by Sharon Teal-Coray because the author, Sharon Teal-Coray, was accusing her of Image and Text Theft.

WittyWife emailed Tabberone:

I was shutdown today for selling a book. I was told by an eBay CSR that if an author doesn't want her book sold on eBay she can request that it be taken down.

If that is the policy at eBay, and we have no reason to believe otherwise, it doesn't comply with federal law which gives a person to resell a lawfully acquired copy of a book. An author has no legal right to bar anyone from reselling their book. But then again, a lot of things that eBay does runs contrary to what the law says is permissible.

Following the correct procedures, WittyWife emailed Sharon Teal-Coray to find out what the problem was. Sharon Teal-Coray responded demanding to know:

Do you have written permission to REPRODUCE Pictures of my book from Leisure arts?

Why wouldn't Sharon Teal-Coray ask this question BEFORE ordering the auction terminated? It just seems logical. But no, she perferred to attack first and then make the seller grovel. There was no reproduction of the pictures, only a picture of the front and back covers. This is allowed under copyright law.

It seems that Sharon Teal-Coray believes she can rewrite copyright laws to suit her particular whims. No one needs permission from a copyright holder, or trademark holder, to take and use a picture of a genuine article that they are trying to sell (provided it was lawfully acquired). So, we ask Sharon Teal-Coray where she gets her legal opinions? Not from federal copyright law, that's for sure. The pictures to both sides are the pictures used by WittyWife.

They are pictures of the front and back COVERS of the book. Hello? Earth to Sharon Teal-Coray. This is perfectly acceptable, you silly sow.

On June 29, 2006 WittyWife filed a counter notice with eBay. Shortly thereafter, Sharon Teal-Coray emailed WittyWife telling her:

You have my permission to sell my books.

WOW! What a really great gesture from Sharon Teal-Coray. She was royally granting WittyWife permission to do what federal law already gives her. Sharon Teal-Coray must be smoking some real good peyote. She's lost her grip on reality if she thinks she so almighty important.

On her web site, http://www.sharonteal-coray.com/ she proudly proclaims:

All Graphics, Photos, and Pages and on this site are Copyrighted.
Unauthorized copying or downloading is strictly prohibited without permission from Sharon Teal-Coray
Any infringement will result in legal action.

And she posts her "Terms of Use" as though she has the right to actually set terms, which she does not. There is no federal or state law giving her that authority. To begin with, there is only one registered copyright under the name of Sharon Teal-Coray, (Address: 779 E 8080 S, Sandy, UT 84094) according to the on-line search at the US Copytight Office web site. That copyright is for a "Shining Feather Art Academy 'So Simple' Color Mixing Workbook" so her claim that her web site is is false.

She uses the following GIFs on her web site which we hardly believe SHE created. We doubt she asked for permission to use these before borrowing them from the designers. Contrary to popular belief, just because an image is on the internet does not mean it is free to use commercially. Theses gifs were on her web site in December 2006 but have been removed since she discovered this web site. What's the matter, Sharon? Isn't your motto, "Do as I say, not as I do"?

Anyway, Sharon Teal-Coray emailed eBay, graciously granting WittyWife the right to sell her books while telling eBay:

I sent the seller a note telling her she could go ahead and sell my books even though my copyright states she can't.

What a self-righteous crock of buffalo droppings. HER copyright "states she can't"? What about FEDERAL LAW you simpleton? It says she can! And, dear Ms Buffalo Droppings, a copyright statement is defined by law and it does not allow for statements of permission from Ms Buffalo Droppings. Speaking of droppings, do you ever love yourself! You sign your emails:

  • Published Artist by Leisure Arts
  • Designer
  • FM Brush, Dynasty Designer
  • SDP Member
  • Deco Art Helping Artist
  • Traditions Artist
  • Delta Supporting Artist
You left off All-Purpose Moron.

Then, Sharon Teal-Coray emailed WittyWife in what could be best described as a CYA (cover yo' ass) email with an incredibly lame excuse for her actions, which was not relevant to claiming intellectual property rights and telling eBay that WittyWife was guilty of "Image and Text Theft". To eBay, that is an offense that can result in the loss of the right to list for sale.

WittyWife immediately shot back a scathing reply, blasting the tone of the email sent to eBay.

But, yes Sharon Teal-Coray, there is a Santa Claus. WittyWife contacted Leisure Arts and told them she wanted a refund for every book she had purchased from them since she could not resell them without interference from the authors. Leisure Arts was not pleased and Leisure Arts emailed eBay demanding the auction be reinstated and pointed out to eBay that Leisure Arts, not Sharon Teal-Coray, owned the copyright on the book. eBay reinstated the auction.

Shining Feather Originals is located at 779 ea. 8080 so. Sandy, Utah 84094 801-255-7492. We have captured her "Bio" for background.

Sharon Teal-Coray has whined to her "friends" who have taken up the email harassment route, or think they have. What it really shows is the Sandy Utah artist is really a bitter old bag who snipes at those who exposed her for what she is instead of apologizing to those she has tried to harm. Oh, Sharon? Are you aware the harassing email received June 4, 2007, originated from Comcast.net in Salt Lake City? Strange coincidence don't you think? Same provider as you at shiningfeather@comcast.net. Was it something YOU sent? Give us a big cackle, why don't you, Sharon.

Sharon claims to be a good Christian and that she forgives us our transgressions. Huh? She's the one who has attacked, without lawful reason, innocent eBay sellers. Saints protect us from good Christians as, in our experience, they are the biggest hypocrites in society. Seek forgiveness for the harm you have caused, Sharon Teal-Coray, and stop hiding behind a phony veil of assumed sanctity.

UPDATE May 21, 2007 - Annie Long emailed WittyWife complaining about this web page and making comments that prove she is beyond clueless. Randy Teal emailed us from the web site. Randy, you have a filthy mouth. Click here for our response and comments for the whack jobs. We believe these emails are really from Sharon Teal-Coray herself because they originate from her ISP and really, who else would really bother to send anonymous email after anonymous email? We think she is gutless because we post our names and contact information. She hides like the coward we think she really is. We are adding the emails to this web page for your reading pleasure.

UPDATE July 12, 2010 - we received an email from Randy Teal, or someone who claims to be Randy Teal, brother of Sharon Teal-Coray, apologizing to earlier emails. His comments are interesting but we cannot verify them. Nor do we really care.
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