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From: Annie Long
Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 9:25 AM
Subject: Hall Of Shame...Shame on you!

I am writing to you to let you know that your action regarding turning Sharon Teal-Coray in to this site is one of the most reprehensible things I have seen, I have purchased a lot of books off your site and so have many of my friends who are painters because you seemed like a nice, fair person to do business with and you priced your books very low!

The decorative industry is a tight community and this sort of thing gets talked about on a lot of groups and at conventions. Sharon has every right under the copyright law to state her conditions of use for her designs. In your own words: I believe my honesty, hard work, fair pricing, and customer service, is of utmost importance!

you state that you believe in "Honesty", if this is so you must admit that Sharon made things right with you, so why would someone like yourself feel justified in turning her in to such a vicious person. Have you looked at his page he put up about her? Do you even realize that he has infringed on her and others whom she has paid for graphic by downloading from her site? I know that she will not do anything about this as she is a good, Christian lady,( she will probably be praying for the both of you!) but her friends are talking and I am sure this may hurt your business because there are plenty of other places we can buy books from who ave more integrity than you do.

If you are the "honest" person you claim to be and if you have any feelings of "regret" I think you would want to make this right nd ask this scumbag to remove her from his site. What did she do to deserve this from you "wittywife"? Come on are you that sort of a human that delights in this low-life action? When in business you have to remember that "what goes around comes around", I hope you will see how hurtful and hateful this person is, or maybe you are just like him?

A "FORMER" customer!

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