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From: Donna
To: Sharon Teal-Coray
Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2006 9:31 PM
Subject: Re: to Eaby

It would have been nice had you contacted me and told me of your concern rather than try to strong arm me. I would have been willing to work with you on it.

I do not believe that the email you sent ebay will take the black mark off my ebay account. And I have not heard from them yet. It obviously did not take this much time for them to take down the listing, so I doubt they are taking into account your email since you state "even though my copyright states she can't".

According to Leisure Arts, you only have a copywrite on the design, not on the book. They told me that THEY are the only ones that could (if they wanted to) take my auctions down.

If my auction is not reinstated within 24 hours and the black mark taken off my ebay account, I may be forced to pursue legal action, I have already filed a counter-notice. I've built up a good business on ebay and a great reputation. In over 45,000 transactions I have NEVER had a blemish on my record until now. I don't like it one bit.



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