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Trademark Question?
From: Diana
Sent: Fri 1/04/08 6:00 AM

I was also a victim of Sharon Teal Corays' scare tactics. She accused me of stealing her painters' brush basin. Or actually one of the members of her copywrite group...whom I also believe to have been Sharon herself. When I retaliated to the "lister" that Mz. Coray was the one who had "copied" my non copywritten brush basin and that I had proof by postmark, with documents of product, pictures, etc. and that maybe I was the one who should "file" a harrassment action against Sharon; further stating that one cannot copywrite an item that this required a patent and a patent could not be obtained because Sharon did not have the patent on the items she was using.....

When "whomever" realized that they were not dealing with someone who was ignorant to laws, and even though one more nasty email was sent to have "the last word" they "backed off" and I have NOT had any problems since. I have my brush basin back on my picture site and plan to continue advertising its' "for sale" knowing that I have the documentation needed and Mz. Coray realizes that she doesn't.

I have "heresay" that there are many others that she, or someone from her group have verbally tried to scare, some successfully, and she (Sharon) has done much to HURT the painting industry. I for one will not purchase any of her items, nor will I recommend or acknowledge her as a painter of "accreditation" to our industry.


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