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Annie Long, Randy S Teal, and Anonymous Christian Whackjob (we believe it's really Sharon Teal-Coray)

3 of Sharon's closest friends we assume. Some friends. Larry, Moe & Curley. But, the Three Stooges were at least loveable.

It seems Sharon Teal-Coray has enlisted the help of friends and relatives to do her whining for her. From now on maybe we should call her Sharon The-Coward. We don't like these silly hyphenated names anyway.

From what we have been able to gather, Annie Long is an artist of sorts living in Brisbane, Australia. Artists, or those who think of themselves as artists, seem to be the biggest fools when it comes to copyright laws. We are not sure if it is the artist mentality whereby they feel they are superior to us lesser mortals and that gives them the right to make pronouncements of what they want the world and the law to be or if they are just fundementally stupid when faced with reality. In any event, these artists tend to over-state their rights and minimze the rights on non-artists.

We have found one link to Annie Long is an artist of sorts living in Brisbane, Australia:


When she emailed WittyWife, it appears she used a yahoo address, then she deleted it so WittyWife's emails back to her bounced. Not "ballsey" enough to listen to facts, sayeth WittyWife. We agree. Annie Long is a coward. That seems to be the pattern with the friends of Sharon Teal-Coray.

Annie Long is wrong on a number of counts in her email. Way wrong. She states:

Sharon has every right under the copyright law to state her conditions of use for her designs. WRONG.

Annie, the government, not Sharon Teal-Coray, or you, sets the parameters for what a copyright holder can and cannot do. Sharon The-Coward took direct and potentally harmful action against WittyWife for using pictures of her book, NOT PICTURES FROM HER BOOK, to advertise what she was selling. Annie, you silly airhead, THIS IS PERFECTLY LEGAL! Under copyright law, the same copyright law to which you refer, she has this right. Contrary to your beliefs, copyright law DOES NOT give Sharon Teal-Corey, or anyone else, the right to set their own conditions for the use of their designs. Are you a blonde?

Plus, we seriously doubt she has paid anyone for the graphics and moving GIFs she has on her web site. And, if she really was a "good Christian lady" (please Lord, protect us from the "good" Christians), Sharon would have followed the Christian principle of love and faith and first inquired as to her rights before falsely accusing someone else of infringing upon her rights.

Plus, just to show that you are really clueless, you little dodo, we have the right under copyright law to download and copy anything from her web site for non-commercial informative and educational purposes. DUH? It's self-rightous twits like you who need more oxygen to the brain and some education. Read, if you can, before you form opinions and condemn others for doing things that are perfectly legal and allowable, except in your beady little mind.

This "scumbag" is not going to remove anything from this web site. Actually, it should be "scumbags" as there are two of us, Karen & Mike. There is nothing false in what we have said. A claim you, and Sharon The-Coward, cannot make. "Hurtful and hateful" better describes the unwarranted and harmful actions of your good buddy in Utah.

Speaking of Utah, there's a Randy S Teal there who also objects to our web page. Do you think Randy and Sharon could be related? Hmmm. That gene pool seems awfully shallow. No diving there, Randy. Oh, maybe the pool needs a lot more chlorine.

Randy, emailed us from the web site. Perhaps because he didn't want us to have his "real" email address? Sharon's friends and relatives seems to be a cowardly lot. Do we see a pattern here? Not to be outdone, we immediately responded to Randy Teal pointing out his errors and really bad grammer (we counted seven errors).

Randy S Teal claims he has been in "Law Enforcement over the last twenty five years". As what? A school-crossing guard or security guard at the mall? You see, it's the way he words it that makes us suspicous. Or perhaps, a gate guard? And his temper. My, my. If he talks like that to folks we're sure he gets complaints. Careful, Randy might hit you with his purse.

Randy did not respond to our email. We didn't think he would. Another "good" Christian in Utah? Does your mommy know you use that sort of language, Randy? We doubt she would approve.

Randy Silly Boy Teal emailed us a second time on May 29, 2007. He still doesn't get it. He accuses us of misspelling "jerk wad" (you should know, Randy) and he doesn't realize spell check would not have picked up the misspelling of "your" when he should have used "you're". But, we digress. Randy resorted to simple name-calling and character attacks because that is the refuge of the simple-minded who cannot, or prefer not to, debate the facts of the issue.

Fact #1 - Copyright and trademark law give the seller of an item the legal right to accurately describe the product and to use pictures to depict that product.

Fact #2, - Sharon Teal-Coray did not have the legal right to terminate auctions for which she did not hold intellectual property rights, as shown by the re-instatment of the auctions by Leisure Arts.

Fact #3, - Sharon Teal-Coray's one-sided and unlawful action potentially threatened the on-line livelihood of WittyWife, who, according to Leisure Arts, the legitimate copyright holder, WittyWife "was conducting legitimate business".

Fact #4, - Copyright Law grants specific rights to the copyright owner and specific rights to the public. Sharon Teal-Coray sent an email to Ebay, magnanimously proclaiming to eBay that Sharon Teal-Coray sent the seller a note telling her she could go ahead and sell my books even though my copyright states she can't. Read carefully here. Her Copyright Not the federal copyright laws as stipulated in the Constitution of the United States Of America. The copyright as granted by Sharon Teal-Coray!!! Holy cow, how could we have missed this! Randy, where in copyright law is there a provision that says the creator of a copyrightable item can set their own terms of use? Nowhere, you flaming asshole!

Fact #5, - Randy states in email #2, "Instead of attacking Sharon personally it might have been a lot classier to contact her first." Ya, think? Gee, Randy, why didn't your "Christian" sister give WittyWife the same opportunity and either first contact a copyright lawyer (before putting her foot in her mouth) or contacting WittyWife directly to give her the chance to "correct" this alleged transgression before taking potentially harmful, and illegal, action against WittyWife?

Fact #6, - Randy did not dispute any of the claims made in Fact #1 through Fact #4.

Fact #7, - Randy did not dispute our contention he is in some harmless "law enforcement" capacity like crossing-guard.

And Randy S Teal, pricks should be plural. If you must resort to being crude, please use the proper tense. There are two of us. And, while we are flattered that you have our page book-marked, does your employer, Questar know you are surfing the internet on company time? Perhaps they don't care. We doubt it. We think they should be concerned about your crude and attack-oriented emails that indicate you could have stability issues. After all, an energy company should be concerned about the image employees project.

And, on June 4, 2007, along somes the anonymous but just as clueless, ChristianBeliefsAndTruths@yahoo.com, who attacks us but prefers to remain nameless. More likey gutless Sharon Teal-Coray. And, as we pointed out to ChristianBeliefsAndTruths@yahoo.com, the "anonymous friend", there seems to be more concern for the whining by by Sharon Teal-Coray than what Sharon did to deserve this web page.

ChristianBeliefsAndTruths@yahoo.com (a.k.a. Sharon Teal-Coray) claims we are violating a couple of copyrights. One is that the picture of Sharon Teal-Coray was taken by a professional photographer. Sharon, you PAID for that picture? Good grief! But, who would know that except YOU! That information is not on your web site as of June, 2007.

By the way, our email response to ChristianBeliefsAndTruths@yahoo.com bounced. Failed! And we replied within minutes. Why are we not surprised the response email failed? Because we think it came either from Sharon herself. On what do we base this opinion? The email contained information not available to even good friends.

Hey, Sharon? Got more friends or email accounts? We'll start calling this page the Looney Bin.

On June 23, 2007, we received six emails in the short time of 30 minutes; all anonymous and all from the same person. We believe that person to be Sharon Teal-Coray. There is no other credible candidate.

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