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Subject: Trademark Question
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 11:15:07 -0700

You are infringing on a couple of people's copyrighted works on the page concerning Sharon Teal-Coray. The photo of her is a copyrighted work by professional photographer, Alisha Quist at: http://www.aquistdesign.com/index.html the southwestern banner is the property of The Greasy Grass at:http://www.thegreasygrass.com/index.html.

If you are so knowledgeable about copyright infringement you know that you cannot put these up without permission.

You are obviously very unhappy, angry people. Your vicious attack on Sharon shows a lack of human empathy that goes along with being a sociopath.

It appears that you get your enjoyment out of life from these sort of things, how sad for you! We will be praying for your souls, you are in need of a lot of prayer, to have so much hatred in your heart against someone who did nothing to you is very scary and a very sad place to be how miserable you must feel.

Concerned Christians
email: christianbeliefesandtruths@yahoo.com

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