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RE: Trademark Question - read more carefully

I have my court filings on my website, my name and address are in them.

If you go to www.tabberone.com index page, you will see my "real" name and address and phone number (in red letters), along with pictures of ourselves, our home, and our pets linked from our front page. So, either you're half-blind or you didn't take the time to reseach before showing us your low-level mentality. Hmmm. Who's really the asshole? It looks like you're the winner there, grasshopper.

Sharon attempted to flex copyright muscle she did not have. Donna (wittywife) had her eBay account and livelihood threatened when Sharon shut her down without the authority. Donna was selling a book. She took a picture of the book.

I'm sure with your superior attitude and vast knowledge you know that First Sale Doctrine allows Donna to sell the book and the Fair Use Doctrine allows her to take a picture of the book she is selling.

If you read the entire story you will see that Leisure Arts who printed the book contacted eBay and pointed out that THEY, not Sharon, own the copyright to the book and they had no problem with Donna selling it.

So, what we really have here is a twenty-five-year law enforcement jerkwad who doesn't take the time to ascertain the facts before jumping to a conclusion. TV lawyers? We represented ourselves in court against Disney, Major League Baseball, Sanrio, and more, and won.

Considering your attitude, we're amazed you lasted so long in law enforcement. Like Joe Friday said, "Just the facts", something you overlooked in your tirade. Additionally, your grammer sucks. Example: "is your a self rightous little prick " should read

"is you're a self rightous little prick". Please, try to insult us in good written English. It's more effective. And what are "coplete strangers"? Police officers we don't know?

Karen (who doesn't have a prick) and Mike (who has a bigger one then you)

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