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Sharon Teal-Coray
Hall Of Shame Member

Biography from AskART:

The following, submitted August 2004, is from the artist.

Sharon Teal-Coray is a realist-style painter focused on depicting the culture of American Indians, especially the Anasazi, and her primary subject is still lifes of their pottery as well as desert landscapes. She also does Indian portraits and mountain men, and works both in oils and acrylics.

Teal-Coray was born on December 9, 1942 in Salt Lake City, Utah, the oldest of five siblings. The family lived in Emigration Canyon, which during her childhood she enjoyed exploring on her horse.

At a young age she developed a special interest in the American Indian and their culture. She started painting in 1970, and depicted a variety of subjects. While on a vacation to the Four Corners area and Mesa Verde, she found her real interest and began painting Anasazi Indian still lifes. She enrolled in an ancient pottery-making class at the University of Utah where she learned how to find the clay, grind it and make beautiful pots and fire them the way the ancient Indians had done.

She was greatly influenced by her father Raymond Teal who was a watercolor artist and carried his watercolors with him through WW2, painting what he saw.

She is basically a self-taught artist taking a few workshops here and there. Reading every book in her local library on art, she developed her own style.
The Dutch masters, Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer and Flemish painter Rubens influenced her. She uses some of their techniques in her methods especially "glazing".

Vern Swanson, Robert Olphin and William Seifrit list her in "Utah Art". Pages 252. Published in 1991. Her art was featured in Art Of The West magazine, 1995, Nov/Dec issue.

In 2005 publisher Leisure Arts will be publishing 3 books on her techniques with numerous color photos.

Sharon Teal-Coray Artist Resume' Experience *34 years in oil painting. *Workshop Coordinator and Instructor for 26 years

*American Academy of Women Artists, *Oil Painters of America, *National Western Art Association *Rocky Mountain Western Art Association 1995

1997 *Phippen Memorial Day Art Show, Prescott AZ 1994-5 *Celebration of Western Art, WA *Colorado Springs Western Art Auction *Colorado Springs, CO 1993 *C.M. Russell Art Auction and Show Great Falls, MT (2 pieces accepted) 1991 *National Western Art Show Ellensburg, WA 1990 *C.M. Russell Art Auction and Show Great Falls, MT (2 pieces accepted) 1989 *Blackfoot Valley Art Auction Lincoln, MT *C.M. Russell Art Auction and Show Major Juried Exhibits 2003 *Art and Soup Exhibit Salt Lake City, UT 1990 *One Woman Show El Mundo Magico Gallery, Sedona AZ 1999 *Oil Painters of America Regional Exhibition Sangre De Cristo Art Center, Pueblo CO 1997 *Western Academy Of Women Artists Exhibition and Show Desert Caballeros Western Museum Wickenburg, AZ 1994-5 *Snake River Showcase, Clarkston, WA 1988 *Day's of 47' Annual Western Art Heritage Exhibit Saxton-Sullivan Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT (invitational) 1987 *Utah Women Artist's Exhibit Springville Art Museum, Springville, UT *Utah Women's Traveling Exhibit (year long) *22nd Annual Art Show, Cody County Art League, Cody WY *Rocky Mountain Western Art Association 3rd Annual Show Sun Gallery, Park City UT (Invitational) 1986 *Day's of 47' Heritage Exhibit Salt Lake Art Center, Salt Lake City, UT 1985 *Festival of the American West, Utah State University Logan, UT (invitational) *8th North American Wildlife and Still life Exhibit, Phranques Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT *Salmon River Annual National Art Exhibit Riggins, ID Awards 2003 Delta Design Challenge 2nd Place 2002 Mayors Choice Shorr Gallery Annual Show West Jordan, UT] 1991 3rd. Place Annual Bear River Historical and Indian Art Exhibit Craig, Co 1993 Merit Award National Western Art Show and Auction Ellensburg, WA 1993 Merit Award Snakeriver Showcase Clarkston, WA 1989 3rd. Place Sweet Water Annual Exhibit Rock Springs, WY 1988 "Peoples Peoples Choice and Winsor Newton Award 40th Annual Wind River National Exhibit Dubois, WY 1987 2nd. Place Sweetwater National Art Exhibit Rock Springs, WY


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