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Added May 2, 2008

Last Updated March 7, 2009

WolfBlock, is located at One Boston Place, Boston, MA 02108. It appears to be a rather large law firm in a rather large building in a rather large city. Bottom-feeding appears to pay well. WolfBlock has what they call a Brand Equity and Strategic Distribution Group that appears to function as cyber cops on the internet. We call it a fancy name for a bunch of people who troll the internet, eBay especially, and get brownie points for how many auctions they terminate. How do they rack up these points? Terminate anything that pops up and to hell with the legality, somewhat like the "Kill Them All" philosophy.

We say this because in a short period of time we have received emails from people who were not infringing who had their auctions terminated by. WolfBlock. What was their crime? Selling Monster Cable products and Bose Wave Radios on eBay. Neither company wants their products sold on eBay. Seems some yo-yo lawyer named Christopher S. Finnerty heads up the WolfBlock Brand Equity division and he brags that the "Boston team in a year averages 15,000 per company" in eBay auctions shut down.

Figure one office flunky for one company represented by WolfBlock. Figure 300 working days a year working 6 days a week for that flunky (we assume the are slave drivers from the number they quote). That's 50 eBay auction shutdowns a day by each flunky. Assuming each flunky works an 8-hour shift, that's a little better than 6 auctions an hour, to locate and destroy. As of May 3, 2008, there were only 288 hits on eBay for Bose Radio and some 5,710 for Monster Cable. Bose will keep a flunky busy for a week and then what? Clean the bathrooms? Get coffee? Give Christopher S. Finnerty a back rub? Monster Cable is good for 140 work days if we don't deduct the "authorized dealers". Get them all and then what? Lie about someone else infringing?.


"Brand Equitettes"
We don't really think Chris baby is doing the grunt work so he must have a team of "Brand Equitettes", we figure all are blondes complete with matching sweaters and pom-poms. They troll the eBay auctions and make the very difficult legal decisions as to what is infringing and what is not while their nails are drying. We just wonder how they can see through all of the White-Out on the computer screen. Just to make it easy, we also figure they're told to close anything down that's not on the approved seller list, all in one syllable words. To celebrate they then form the letters of WolfBlock but not always in the correct order.

In our opinion, any law firm or attorney who represents Monster Cable easily qualifies as a Bottom-feeder based upon the frivolous and useless litigation filed by Monster Cable. Any company who sues the Chicago Bears for using the nickname "Monsters Of The Midway" is a whack-job company. Any firm or lawyer representing Monster Cable therefore must be adept at lying.

One seller who was shut down by WolfBlock, he was selling Bose Radios, received a curt and what we feel a rather nasty reply from jerk-wad Christopher S. Finnerty:

I have talked with Kerry at Bose and she asked me to respond to your email. Your auctions were removed for violating parallel import laws.

We've got a few problems with this answer. First. if Christopher S. Finnerty and his bundle of blondes can take the time to order auctions terminated, potentially ruining any number of small home businesses, part-time or otherwise, why can't he have the simple courtesy to promptly respond in a nice manner to emails inquiring as to why he, Christopher S. Finnerty intrepid investigator for WolfBlock, terminated these auctions? If you don't take the time to tell people why their auctions were terminated it not only creates animosity but it often results in the item being listed again because no one took the little bit of time to let them know (assuming they are actually infringing which is questionable in many cases, in our opinion).

Why doesn't he answer? Is he that busy? Assign one of your cheerleaders to do it, Chris. Does it interfere with your golf games or is it liquid lunches? Tell us, we will let the world know, rather than speculate. Ohhh. That's right. You don't answer because you don't really care. You're a bottom-feeder and that makes you so very special.

Another problem is the actual answer. It certainly appears that Christopher S. Finnerty, the intrepid investigator for WolfBlock, had to ask some dimwit at Bose why he, Christopher S. Finnerty, ordered the auction terminated. Does that strike you as strange? Why is he terminating auctions without knowing why he's terminating them? It is just us or does this sound very suspicious or possibly inept?

The other problem is this parallel imports thing. The seller was in the US so the Bose Radio being sold wasn't being imported into the US because it was already here. That's not an import you dodos, that's a domestic product! And, should they be claiming that the Bose Radio was being offered for possible sale in the United Kingdom (because the auction did say it would be shipped world-wide), the British law that allows a British registered trademark manufacturer to block the importation of their product into the UK isn't enforceable in the US by a company in the US, you flaming idiots!

And another point. Bose has its money from the first sale of the radio so Bose isn't being cheated out of revenue. So what would the objection be to it being sold to someone in the UK? Are the radios being sold in the US better than those being sold in the UK and Bose doesn't want the British to find out they have been buying inferior products? Or is it the other way around and the US is being sold inferior products? We know the Europeans use a different electrical power grid that requires a converter for American products. But so do the Europeans. If someone in Europe wants an American radio knowing it requires a converter that may affect quality, who cares? The European buyer certainly doesn't. Bose has its money so why does it care? Someone tell us. Otherwise we must conclude that Bose is a bunch of flaming assholes and WolfBlock loves kissing them.

The moral of the story: Don't Buy A Bose Radio because neither Bose Radio or their jerk-wad cyber cops, WolfBlock, seems to know, or care, what they are doing.

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