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Reich Publishing & Marketing
Hall Of Shame Member

Last updated : January 22, 2010

Reich Publishing & Marketing is another one of those companies who is taking liberties with trademark law. ReichPM is shutting down auctions for used sports equipment that feature players Reich represents even if that equipment predates the representation of the sports figure by ReichPM.
  • Contact email from eBay, September 03, 2004, terminating the auction for a used hockey stick.
  • Email to Tabberone explaining where and how he came into possession of the stick.
  • Milton has attempted to contact Stephen Reich but has gotten no response.
  • Reich's ABout Me Page on eBay outlines what the company does.
  • An article in the Post Gazette, dated September 14, 2002, gives us more information about Stephen Reich.
  • It appears that Reich sells on-line sporting related items that bear the names of certain sports stars.

This looks solidly like a jerk-wad lawyer who wants to prevent legitimate sales of lawfully acquired items because the lawyer, in this case Stephen Reich, has a marketing agreement with Mario Lemieux (in this case). Seems Stevie (Wonder How He Got Past The Bar) Reich didn't learn much about trademark and copyright law.

To terminate an auction, Reich had to swear that the item was infringing upon his copyright and/or trademark! Having a licensing agreement doesn't establish either of these, Steve. And you know it! We believe you lied. That's federal perjury. And, under 17 U.S.C. 512(f), you have willingly committed misrepresentation and interferred with another's business. It's obvious that all Stevie's trying to do is limit his competition. Steven Reich seems to have slept through Trademark Law 101. A marketing agreement cannot, and does not, include items already in the marketplace. That's restraint of trade. As a lawyer, Stephen Reich is considered to be an officer of the court and therefore is to be believed and trusted. It doesn't say much for the good old oxymoron legal ethics, does it? Legal Ethics 101 must have been an early morning course so Stevie slept through it.

Imaging buying an automobile from a Ford dealer. Years later you sell it to a neighbor. A few years later the neighbor lists the same car in the want ads as being for sale and a Ford car dealership in the same town has the sale stopped because they have the rights to sell Fords in that town? Who would stand for that? Not one person, not the courts, not the Ford Motor Company.

Hey, Pittsburg Penguins. Are you listening? This jerk lawyer and his firm is giving your team a bad name. And, to boot, Stephen Reich is supposed to be a legitimate businessman, and a lawyer, yet he has a cheapie AOL email address? What does this say about him and his business?

Our new motto, thanks to an eBay seller, So many VeRO Members (and their law firms), so few with integrity. Hey Stevie, does your mother really know what you do for a living?




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