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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

This email has not been altered except to make more readable and to protect the identity of the sender.

From: ByronsHockeyland
Date: Thu, September 9, 2004 1:11 pm
Subject: my letter to them


Thank you for writing back, and I am glad to see that your trying to do the same thing that I have been doing in the hobby for over 20 years. As I mentioned I am the leading expert in the area of game used items and have been helping collectors and dealers for years.

If your going to try and get a handle on the stuff that's been coming out of the Penguins organization you have a long road to haul. There have been many different ways that game used stuff has been marketed over the years. Joe Toman currently is working with the jerseys, but I did not mean to mislead you into thinking he deals in other items, he does not as far as I know. His deal with the Penguins is jersey. I would be more than happy to help assist you in anyway my knowledge could come in handy to you, in your quest.

The item that I have for sale is a game used Lemieux hockey stick from the mid 1980's. In my professional opinion you have made a mistake in canceling it. Actually, in my opinion you had no legal right to end my auction. I have many Lemieux items that I sell on ebay. Not many game used items, but some autographed stuff and other collectibles. I am requesting that you do not cancel my items in the future. I am familiar with the Vero program and I understand its limitations and area's that are problems. I do not sell fake, stolen, forged or knockoff items. Anything that I have has been licensed. Anything that is game used is in fact game used. This is my area expertise and I am a recognized expert in the field. You telling me I cannot sell a game used Lemieux stick, is like Dodge telling me I cannot resell my truck after I am done with it.

It's my opinion and that of others is that your really opening up yourself for federal lawsuit when you canceled my auctions and what you are saying is that you are shutting down auctions that may very well be legitimate but you are doing so because you really don't know? Why didn't you contact me before shutting down my auction which stated where I got the hockey stick? Did you not read the affidavit you signed to become a VERO company? What part of the affidavit section that spoke about "under penalty of perjury " did you not understand.

You might want to check this persons site out. She has gone against 7 different companies that stopped her auctions and won federal lawsuits and or settled out of court. They did too her what you did too me.
The companies she won against are Disney, Coke, E! Entertainment, Shabby Chic and Robert Yakes racing who represents Dale Jarrett.

I am not happy about this and the position you have taken on this matter. You may review my case in case of a rare mistake. Well, you really did make a mistake with coming after me and my business.

Cause of your mistake I now have a Vero violation and many hours of work and investigations from what you have done. My reputation in this hobby is everything and by you canceling my auction gives my reputation a black mark, that may never go away in some collectors minds.

Can you even tell me why you did what you did, specifically to me, and not a general explanation, so I have an idea what you think I did wrong?

Again, I am not happy, and this is not over in my eyes