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Edmund Burke

This email has not been altered except to make more readable and to protect the identity of the sender.

From: ByronsHockeyland
Date: Sun, September 5, 2004 8:26 am
Subject: Vero removed my Mario Lemiuex auction

Let me tell you who I am, I am Milton, owner of Byronshockeyland in New Jersey. I am the for most expert on Game Worn and Used NHL items in the hobby. I have been doing this over 25 years. The NHLPA lost it's rights to the jersey the players wear to the NHL couple of years ago. I helped the NHL with information that I had from years past. The sticks are purchased by the team and given to the player to use. I find this a huge mistake on the part of ebay for allowing this too happen.

The stick that I had for sale, came from the Pittsburgh Penguins trainer Steve Latin many years ago. I have bought the Penguins items off and on for years.

5120409294 Mario Lemieux Game Used Stick Titan Mid 80's , is the auction and i got the typical Vero letter , with these people as who says I was wrong Reich Publishing & Marketing and a email of

I emailed them with no answer as of yet.

Any suggestions whats next?