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Girl Scouts of America
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Added December 22, 2007

Last Updated - March 20, 2010

Did you ever wonder what the Girl Scouts of America do with all of that money they collect for selling cookies? We think we have discovered where it goes. Corporate headquarters in New York City (yes, the Big Apple) hires people to search eBay auctions for authentic merchandise and then order the auctions terminated. Apparently it is a cushy job as well because they really get some good time off for the holidays. Read on.

The Girl Scouts of America came to our attention a few years ago when they were ordering eBay auctions terminated for re-selling genuine, unopened Girl Scout Cookies. Yes, Virginia, there really is a Grinch and it wears a Girl Scout uniform. Seems the Girl Scouts of America did not want their cookies bandied about on eBay so they were telling eBay that the resale of the genuine, unopened Girl Scout Cookies violated their rights and like a good girl scout who never lies they wanted the auctions ended. Waaa! There's nothing illegal or infringing about reselling genuine, unopened Girl Scout Cookies. Bad, bad, bad. Remove that merit badge for honesty.

UPDATE - March 14, 2009 -
Girl Scout banned from selling cookies on YouTube, article from the Washington Times about the Girl Scouts telling a little girl she cannot sell cookies on-line. Should not that choice belong to the parents and not the Gestapo Scouts?

Imagine a pair eBay sellers who are members of the Society of Scout Memorabilia Dealers and the International Scouting Collectors Association, with their own web site, and collectively with over 55 years in scouting, receiving an email from eBay telling them that their listing for some doll clothes was terminated because the Girl Scouts of America said it was infringing. That's what happened to bobscout on November 28, 2007. Flabbergasted, bobscout promptly emailed the VeRO contact, bcrawford@girlscouts.org, one Brian Crawford, for the Girls Scouts of America.

"I purchased this item and others from a Girl Scout distributor. According to the distributor these items were old stock originally issued by the Girl Scouts of America. The other outfits were issued in the Girl Scout catalogs in 1997 for the Brownie sweatshirt and leggins set and the Junior sweat shirt and leggings. My reference is the Girl Scout Collector's Guide, Second Edition by Mary Degenhardt and Judith Kirsh, which I purchased at a Girl Scout office."

Two days later, bobscout got a response from Brian Crawford at Trademarks@girlscouts.org:

"Thank you for your follow up information. We do not have a licensee under the name Of 'Doll's Delight'. However, we will research the particular items and advise."

It appears that the Brian Crawford at Trademarks@girlscouts.org never got their Girl Scout merit badge for Memory Performance or for Honesty. Over a month later and no follow-up as promised from the Girl Scouts of America. So, what did bobscout get instead? On December 20, 2007, another eBay auction terminated by the Girl Scouts of America for selling a genuine Girls Scouts Christmas ornament. Again, Trademarks@girlscouts.org received a prompt email about the termination from bobscout.

A response arrived the next day:

"I will be out of the office from Friday 12/21 through Tuesday 1/01.
I will return to the office on Wednesday 1/02."

So, is the office closed or is Brian Crawford the only person there without a clue? And Brian, where's the reply to the first email like you promised? Or doesn't the corporate offices of the Girl Scouts of America follow the Girl Scout Laws? Like #1 where it says, "she may be trusted to tell the truth."

Perhaps the Girl Scout Cookie monies would be better spent hiring someone who can do the job and reply when they say they are.

We have copies of the items in question. Click here to see the Brownie Jumpers side-by-side. We have recreated the Brownie Auction. Note in the second picture the Girl Scouts of America logo in the corner of the instructions. We also have the relevant page from the Girl Scout Collector's Guide page that shows the very item in question.

As for the genuine Girls Scouts Christmas ornament auction, on December 26, 2007, Trademarks and Licensing for the Girl Scouts of America emailed eBay to recind the takedown. Did bobscout get an apology or explanation? Of course not. Trademarks and Licensing for the Girl Scouts of America has better things to do like looking for other genuine Girl Scouts of America items on auctions so they can terminate those as well.

From where we sit, it sure looks like Brian Crawford, of Trademarks and Licensing for the Girl Scouts of America, is ordering terminated perfectly legitimate eBay auctions. What bothers us is when some nimrod goes around terminating auctions and not asking the seller for information as to the source of the merchandise. We believe that a really motivated member of Trademarks and Licensing for the Girl Scouts of America would contact the seller for that information so he/she could cut the flow off at the source. But no, they are only interested in numbers. "Look Boss. See how many eBay auctions I ended for infringement. Aren't I such a good employee?". Then they go back to their comic books.

Running down the source makes more sense but it actually involves the person in Trademarks and Licensing for the Girl Scouts of America thinking and doing some useful work. Not just mindlessly ending auctions. Based upon credentials and the pictures and emails, we think bobscout is owed an apology from the Girl Scouts of America. But we won't hold our breath. Self-righteous jerks aren't concerned about the rights of others and the harm they may inflict. They just want to rack up those numbers.

UPDATE - March 20, 2010 -
It appears that the Girl Scouts are now distributing to the little girls sex education materials titled "Healthy, Happy and Hot". This material includes statements such as:

"Some people have sex when they have been drinking or using drugs. That is your choice."

And this statement among others:

"There is no right or wrong way to have sex. Just have fun, explore and be yourself!"

Now we know where all that cookie dough is really going.

UPDATE - February 18, 2014
And now, the Girl Scouts are spending their cookie money threatening groups that do not like their politics. Why would a "girls" advocate group be actively supporting and promoting such organizations as Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America? That is not the function of the Girl Scouts. While we believe that abortion is a matter between a woman, the father (if available) and her docter, indoctrination of young girls by a scouting organization seems inappropriate and beyond the scope of it's charter.

Boycott Girl Scout cookies until they get rational leadership instead of liberal extremists with an agenda. When asked to buy cookies, just tell the girl that you will not buy their cookies until the Girl Scouts change their political agenda, support for Wendy Davis and their "green" politics.

The Girl Scouts should be about the girls, not political agendas.

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