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Added April 29, 2007

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Last Updated - February 7, 2010

This page is dedicated to the Tee-Time Twits at Visaball. Their web site is located at Visiball USA is located at 8206 Exchange Way, St. Louis, MO 63144, 314-961-4036.

VisiBall appears to sell their product on the shopping channel QVC and God only knows where else. QVC stands for "Qwap Very Cheap". It is the schlock capitol of cable TV. The problem here is that when QVC has returns, or unsold items, they, like many other companies, seek to rid themselves of this annoying excess inventory by selling it. WOW! What a concept! Sometimes they have so much left they sell it by the pallet. Which was the case with one eBay seller who bought a pallet of customer returned schlock.

Just a quick side note to Ryan Garrison (Business Manager for Visiball) and Jon Hodgins (President of Visiball). Hey, fellas, if you look around you will find there are still a few villages minus their idiot, and if you apply for the position we are sure you will be accepted immediately. After all, from your emails, you are very qualified for the job.

Ryan Garrison (Business Manager for Visiball) annoyed to find his valuable product being sold on eBay for less than Visiball's Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), he accordingly wet his diaper. He emailed the eBay seller and whined:

"You are not an authorized dealer and we have a MAP Policy that must be adhered to. You are violating our MAP Policy, you need to change your price...."


"Call for price, or pull the auction. Failure to comply will force us to take punitive action."

What? Talk about a temper tantrum. Ryan, were you not properly potty trained? Did the playground bullies take your lunch money? Or, as we suspect, are you blissfully unaware that your Minimum Advertised Price cannot be enforced upon a party that does not have a contractual relationship with your company? Ignorance is bliss and you are one really happy camper.

The First Sale Doctrine states that once you released your product into the stream of commerce you lost control of subsequent use and/or resale of that product. Before you start trying to take "punitive action" against sellers who are under no obligation or responsibility to adhere to your Minimum Advertised Price, perhaps you should seek legal advice. Or, perhaps, psychiatric care?

Once it was pointed out to Visiball USA that the items were used, Jon Hodgins (President of Visiball) relented and ever so gracefully "allowed" the eBay seller to sell the item under the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). Hey, Jon? Do you require peons to bow when you enter the room?

In our never-to-be-humble opinion, Visiball USA is a few balls shy of a bingo game. Tabberone is happy to award Visiball USA the WeSaySoCompany Award.


Visiball USA also qualifies for a Dodo Cluster on their WESAYSO Company Award.




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