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Cyber Cops
Hall Of Shame Member
Added October 12, 2010

Last Updated February 18, 2009

We have noted a number of fools who have launched web sites claiming to be experts in Intellectual Property rights and offer their services as Cyber Cops. We now add CopyrightClaimant.com to this growing list.

CopyrightClaimant.com's web site is located at www.CopyrightClaimant.com. There are a number of things that immediately come to mind as warnings about this company and the pea-brained morons who run it. First, we are suspect of any company that claims to be legitimate that does not list a physical address for contact. Second, the domain is anonymously registered with Domains By Proxy which we figure is another way of hiding who these people really are. At one time CopyrightClaimant.com was registered as being in George Town, Grand Cayman. Third, they list no qualifications or legal background for what they claim they will do. Fourth, they cannot spell "eBay" correctly. Fifth, they make their service sound like it is something special by calling it a membership:

"Membership is only available by invitation or member referral. CC provides provides members with legal information on both civil and criminal infringement matters.

Want to bet that anyone who emails them and is willing to pay quickly becomes "invited" to join? Who do they think they are kidding?

Searching the internet for perceived copyright and trademark infringements is easy. Recognizing actual infringements is not. Cyber Cops do not get paid for finding actual infringers but rather they get paid for every alleged infringer they locate. So it behooves them to follow the desires of their customer and locate anyone who appears to be infringing regardless of the facts.

CopyrightClaimant.com claims it will provide "members" with "with legal information" but nowhere does it state that it has the legal background or experience to provide this "information". And why not list the lawyers connected with the company? Perhaps they do not have any?

We have received only one email concerning this company. But something smells about CopyrightClaimant.com, really smells. That is why they are here.

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