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The Tabberone™ Archives
These articles concern what we consider major trademark and copyright issues. They are usually reproduced with the original source referenced. Bear in mind, these articles are copyrighted and commercial use without permission of the authors may be considered infringement. The intended use here is educational, commentary and non-commercial. The reason they are reproduced in the Tabberone™ Archives, as opposed to just providing a link, is because links disappear and pages are removed. That presents a messy confirmation process that is annoying to the browser (you) but also presents a credibility issue. We do not claim any rights in these pieces. Do not regard the absence of a copyright statement or © to mean the article is not copyrighted. Some sites do not have a copyright statement.

When an article or a comment is posted on the internet by the copyright owner, the owner is seeking a world-wide, 24/7 audience; sometimes for a limited amount of time, sometimes indefinitely. In essence, an internet posting intentionally relinquishes one's copyright for exclusivity because the owner has posted it on the internet to been seen by everyone, everywhere. The Tabberone™ Archives non-commercial duplication of the posting is simply a continuance of the original wishes of the copyright owner. We post these articles for reference, for commentary and for confirmarion of our position.

Archived Articles on Trademark and Copyright Infringement
Alphabetically Listed

Last Updated January 16, 2010

We do not agree with all of the opinions or conclusions stated in these articles. We only present articles that we consider to be well-argued and factually supported about relevant matters. The articles here are arranged alphabetically. For these same articles arranged by subject matter click here.

See the Federal Court Cases page for more information.








  • Girl Scout banned from selling cookies on YouTube, article from the Washington Times about the Girl Scouts telling a little girl she cannot sell cookies on-line.
  • Google Submission, detailed article from PC World New Zealand about Google's claims that 57% of takedowns under the DMCA are from competitors and 37% of takedown notices under the DCMA are invalid copyright claims. March 19, 2009.







  • Mattel Loses Again, Yahoo! News, Wednesday, December 31, 2003, By David Kravets, Associated Press, Tuesday December 30,12:28 AM ET.



  • The No Electronic Theft ("NET") Act, from the Department of Justice web site, This page is referenced and linked to by the ESPC on its web site as explaining copyrights. The DOJ page is unreadable. It is readable here but the question still remains: what does this have to do with someone innocently buying software? Disinformation by the ESPC.
  • Not Too Precious Moment where Precious Moments lost most of what they wanted, article about the 1998 case, Enesco Corp. et al. v. Price/Costco, Inc.








  • Universal: You don't own those promotional CDs we gave you by Nate Anderson, April 09, 2008. Article about lawsuit filed by Universal to stop eBay sales of promo CDs.
  • Using U.S. Intellectual Property Rights to Prevent Parallel Imports, a lengthy article about parallel imports and the Quality King decision, by Lynda J. Zadra-Symes and Joseph J. Basista, May 1998, for Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, LLP.
  • Universities strive to protect brand, Associated Press, Daily Oklahoman, November 17, 2007. The weekend of Oct. 26-28, more than 15 vendors filed complaints of theft against Suzanne Staley, OU's director of brand development, and Judy Barnard, OSU's director of brand development, after the two women allegedly went through the event and seized merchandise that contained any reference to their respective universities, accompanied by an off-duty officer from another jurisdiction. This article sounds like a puff piece dictated by the universities.






More articles as they are found.

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