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  "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

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Page Added August 8, 2010

Last updated - October 8, 2010

Designers in general all seem to think their shit does not stink. That they are better than the rest of us. They are designers. They are cool and we need them to show us how to be cool, like them. And, most importantly, they believe they are smarter than we are. While the "thing" about wearing designer shoes or designer shirts, or designer dresses is not new, it seems to have gotten its present life in the 1980s beginning with, or about the time of, the denim jeans back pocket stitch pattern craze. Teenage girls just had to be wearing the latest and best regardless of the fact that the denim jeans were crap. It was the design on the pocket that made the jeans cool. And by implication, the girls who wore cool jeana were even more cool. Imagine how many girls were devastated, their lives ruined and their physique corrupted, because their parents could not, or would not, dole out the obscene extra cash for "designer" jeans..

Some designers are very talented and their work reflects that. But far too many of these designers have gotten caught up in the modern internet phobia and they try to be into things better left unstirred. It does not matter if they are doing it upon advice from counsel, in-house or corporate law firm, the designers listed here, and their internet troll representatives, are deliberately stepping on the legitimate rights of internet sellers. Some, like Couch, are making sweeping allegations of counterfeiting without a whit of evidence to prove the claims. That folks, is pure, unadulterated lying. And since the lying is damaging reputations, and in many cases destroying small businesses, we consider that lying to be criminal. And that lying also causes monetary loss to the internet seller, which we equate to deliberate theft by the designers.

We also have Group Hall of Shame Listings for Cosmetics Manufacturers who falsely tell sellers that they cannot resell their products, for Craft Sites that spread lies about craft products and their use, for low-life Cyber Cops who police the internet on a commission basis, Pattern Companies who lie about the use of their patterns, Jewelry Designers who think they own the "idea", and Schools and Universities who have trampled on the rights of sellers.

These designers are listed in alphabetical order. This list is by no means a complete list of the designers who are abusing the process. Only those for whom we have some documentation.

Aanraku Stained Glass
Aanraku Stained Glass comes to these pages by way of an eBay blog called "Just Chat". It appears, according to the poster and in our opinion, that not only is the owner, one Jeffrey Castaline, rude and overbearing but a liar as well. So are his lawyers, John D. Minton and Barry J. Parker, of Carr McClellan Ingersoll Thompson & Horn in Burlingame, California. We are not sure which is the bigger asshole, Jeffrey Castaline, Barry J. Parker or John D. Minton. We report, we will let you decide.

Alex Grey
Try to imagine if you can, a world in which you cannot sell a genuine article, such as a poster you purchased from Alex Grey, without being able to describe the poster as being a licensed authentic Alex Grey poster and without being able to show the prospective buyer a picture of the genuine poster you are selling! Think about this. If it's an authentic Alex Grey poster then why shouldn't you be allowed to call it that? Well, under trademark law you are allowed to accurately describe the poster using the name Alex Grey. And, under copyright law, you are allowed to use a picture of the poster while attempting to sell it.

But not according to the Law of Alex Grey.

Burberry was added to the Tabberone Trademark And Copyright Abusers' Hall Of Shame, along with their less than fabulous legal counsel, Fabio Silva, and we give five reasons why we believe Burberry belongs, including their trademark extortion. The most serious problem is the so-called "Burberry check" design. Burberry claims it owns the design, and it does, but Burberry also seems to be attempting to claim it owns ALL plaid designs.

We had toyed with adding Chanel to theses pages for some time. Mostly we haven't because of doubt that the eBay auctions being terminated were listings for legitimate Chanel merchandise. Finally, as we knew the bottom-feeder attorneys at Keats McFarland & Wilson would eventually provide opportunity, we added Chanel. But, laughingly, they are not added because someone was selling questionable Chanel merchandise but rather for terminal stupidity at Keats McFarland & Wilson.

Coach Leatherworks
Coach Leatherworks comes to theses pages for claiming people are selling counterfeits when, in many cases, they are not. It appears that the inmates have taken over the Coach Asylum and are firmly entrenched. Bring on the clowns. If you received a letter from a law firm representing Coach and that letter claims you are selling counterfeit Coach items, and that letter demands payment from you to avoid a lawsuit, it is a scam - do not pay them a dime. The law firm of Gibney Anthony & Flaherty hires "research analysts" to troll the internet, and these analysts, with the apparent blessing of the ethically deficient partners at Gibney Anthony & Flaherty, are going after sales of genuine Coach products because they cannot tell a genuine product from a fake.

Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier
Ed Hardy is self-described as "The Godfather of Tattoos". Ed Hardy is a talented artist whose ego appears to be so inflated that he now walks on water. Christian Audigier, another self-made egotist, owns Nervous Tattoo which sells a lot of Ed Hardy schlock along with a lot of other over-priced schlock. If their stuff is so great, then why do we see it being sold at "dollar stores" and grocery stores?


Fleurville manufactures high-end baby diaper bags. These bags regularly sell through dealers and are supposedly of such high quality that Catherine Granville has an attitude problem. They don't want their bags sold on eBay. That would be so very demeaning. That is what caused the problem. Re-selling a genuine Fleurville bag on eBay is not trademark infringement. Fleurville was shutting down auctions for simply selling their bags. They got sued by us and Catherine Granville cried. And Catherine Granville lied. And lied.

Laurel Burch

Laurel Burch must be spinning in her grave. She died in 2008 of a rare bone disease. She was a strong and determined woman who started with little and refused to be defeated even though she failed in business once and struggled with congenital disorder osteoporosis. Barely nine months after her death her asshole son, Jay Burch, seems to not care about her reputation or the business she worked so hard to build. He started terminating legitimate listings for items made from licensed fabrics sold by Laurel Burch. Then he had his lawyer lie to the court after he was sued. Bad Jay.

Loralie Designs
Loralie Designs doesn't want their fabric and designs sold on eBay and they say so. On March 9, 2006, Cami Gilbert resident nitwit at Loralie Designs emailed a seller stating,
"Our fabric and designs may not be sold on any global platform, such as ebay (sic). This is part of our copyright law. That is why the auctions were taken down. For more on copyright please see our website at"
Loralie Designs has its own copyright law? Impressive. But illegal. Reselling fabric is perfectly legal. Loralie Harris and Cami Gilbert must not get out much or they are just plain stupid.

Maggie Sottero
Moronic, imbecilic, stupid, petty, ignoramus: there are just so many different ways to describe Maggie Sottero and its management without becoming insulting. That is pretty much the case when it comes to bridal gowns as far as describing them. How many different ways are there to clinically describe something? Few. Yet the morons at Maggie Sottero Designs feel they have a copyright on every description of their gowns so if you want to resell them you must find another way to let your prospective purchaser know about your product. Maybe tell them to visit a psychic? Not to be confused with the psycho at Maggie Sottero.


ScotiaStarr, who is also using her eBay ID as her ID on her membership with the CKDA (Canadian Knitwear Designers & Artisans), shut down auctions where the sellers were selling knitted dog sweaters which she alleged were infringing upon her protected rights. But clothing designs, whether for humans or animals, cannot be copyrighted and had she taken the time and effort to investigate before taking harmful action, she would have known this. But we think she did not care to know.

7 For All Mankind, LLC


Some idiot, going by the name of Payam Mosbat, trolls the internet looking for perceived infringements of trademarks that belong to 7 For All Mankind, LLC, a company that sells blue jeans at a ridiculously high markup to people who never received money management classes. 7 For All Mankind, LLC has anointed this idiot with the official corporate title of "Director of Special Projects", which, as far as we can tell, means he gets this title in lieu of being paid more than minimum wage..

Sharon Teal-Coray
WittyWife sells crafting books on her web site and on eBay. She buys these books from reputable publishers and distributors and then resells them. Barnes & Noble does this. Amazon does this. New stands do this. On June 28, 2006, WittyWife received an email from eBay terminating her auction of a craft book by Sharon Teal-Coray because the author, Sharon Teal-Coray, was accusing her of Image and Text Theft. What? There was no reproduction of the pictures, only a picture of the front and back covers. This is allowed under copyright law but not according to Sharon Teal-Coray and the voices in her head.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger joins the latest craze that is sweeping across the fruited plains: a trademark owner with his head up his ass. Seems not only does Tommy Hilfiger use the Cyber Cop Strategic Intellectual Property Information,, also known as SIPI, the Cyber Cop based in India with an infected web site, but even their "advocate" (that's European for bottom-feeding corporate lawyer) has his head up his European ass. What is the problem? Oh Tommy Boy does not want his clothing made in America sold to Europeans. Why? Is his European line inferior to the US product and he does not want the Old World to know?

True Religion Brand Jeans

Husband and wife designers, Jeffrey and Kym Lubell appear to be the owners of what we would describe as very over-priced jeans marketed under the fanciful name of True Religion Brand Jeans. In our opinion, True Religion Brand Jeans is not really protecting their trademark but more they are going through the motions making them look good. They seem more concerned with shutting down eBay auctions than going after the importer and distributor of the alleged fakes. To us, that failure to pursue the source is a sign that they are lying.

Vera Bradley Designs


Vera Bradley Designs, also known as Very Badley Designs (because of their bad-itude), is also a proud winner of the Tabberone WESAYSO Company Award. It is given to companies who tell internet sellers what they can and cannot do regardless of what the law says. Vera Bradley is a law suit waiting to happen. And she will lose. Vera Bradley has a superiority complex that would make Donald Trump hide his hair piece.




In an effort to provide a balanced view, we make the following offer to anyone who feels they have been wrongly accused on this web site.

If you, or your company, have been referenced on these pages, and you would like the chance to post a rebuttal, we will post your rebuttal (provided it is in good taste) so others can read it. The rebuttal must be submitted in a format that can easily be converted into HTML. We reserve the right to alter the rebuttal to make it more readable. However, we will not alter the content (unless there is offensive material to be removed). We also reserve the right to comment on any rebuttal received. Emails protesting the content of this web site may be treated as rebuttals by us at our discretion.

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