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Katz & Associates.
Added October 27, 2010

Last updated October 27, 2010

There is not much that we can say about Katz & Associates other than it appears that their lead (and possibly "only) counsel is some twit named Mark S. Katz. shows one Mark S. Katz working for Levine, Garfinkel & Katz, 3441 S. Eastern Avenue Suite 600, Las Vegas, NV 89169. is registered to Levine, Garfinkel & Katz but is nowhere to be found. also shows Mark S. Katz working at the above firm and says this about him:

Corporate, Estate Planning, Mental Health, Real Estate, Tax ( does provide some information.

Mark Katzís Specialties:

Tax, Real Estate, Healthcare, Business Transactions, Entity Formation, Estate Planning, Estate Administration

Where is the reference to trademark and copyright law? There is none. Do we have another hack expanding into the field of trademark abuse? His cease and desist letter for pediped Footwear supports that theory of incompetence.

Mound, Cotton Wollan & Greengrass ( lists a Mark S Katz as a partner. But MCW&G has no offices in Las Vegas. Probably not the Mark S. Katz we seek.

Bluff Magazine ( profiles one Mark S. Katz and his gambling abilities. Again, probably not the Mark S. Katz we seek.

So, this yo-yo named Mark S. Katz, who admited on that he has no trademark training, gloams onto the idea of using trade dress to get his paycheck from pediped Footwear. Mark S. Katz does not list his address on because - is he homeless? Katz & Associates does not have a web site. Why not? In this day and age - no web site? The word shyster comes to mind.

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