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  "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Andrea Poole

Hall Of Shame Member
Added March 21, 2007

UPDATE September 20, 2010 - Andrea Poole has a new eBay AboutMe page. In this one she claims she does not copy images and/or designs. She lies. We have posted what we feel her new eBay AboutMe page should really say. Her email address is We have also posted some of her many infringing designs that she is selling now even though she claims she does not sell infringing designs. She only sells "inspired" designs. Right. And we have some ocean front property in Colorado we will you you real cheap.

UPDATE October 23, 2008 - According to Andrea's web site,, her address is Tinytotsnteens, c/o Brandon and Andrea Poole, 7971 Valley View Circle Unit 36, La Mesa, Ca 91941. Hey, Andrea? What ever happened to OPSEC you claimed we violated? You also claim "We are a licensed wholesaler and retailer in the state Of California" but states don't license businesses to be wholesalers; states do however license businesses to collect sale tax. You also say you are "Licensed in the State of California" but nowhere on your site do you state that California residents are required to pay sales tax. So, how are you licensed? As a whack-job? Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE - On Monday, November 5, 2007, Andrea Poole started her "Tabberone Chronicles" only to pull them from the internet a few days later. We speculate that her husband saw the blog and had a conniption and told her to take it down immediately because it was defamatory. Nah, that's not what happened. We don't think Brandon is that smart. Perhaps the voices in her head told her to back off?

What is in the water in San Diego? As we state below, we consider Andrea Poole to be a whack job. From the emails we have received from her husband, Brandon Poole, USN, we consider him to be in the same category of whack job. Then, to top it off, Brandon Poole, USN, introduces two new players in this absurd comedy, Kara Davis, who represents herself as a paralegal and based upon her emails, we now nominate her for whack job friend of the Pooles ("WFOP"), and someone named "FC1 Nicolas Howard" whom we assume is another one of the voices Brandon and Andrea hear. Brandon? Are you back yet? It's after January 18th? Where's the lawsuit you promised, Bran-don? Hmm?

Andrea, Brandon, Nick Baby & Kara: everyone has the right to be stupid.
We feel all of you are abusing that right!

This is a picture of Brandon and one butt-ugly child (Brandon is one the left). We just hope that Andrea's problems with reality aren't inherited by any offspring that she and Brandon bring into this world. Remember, this is the woman who, on November 2, 2007, accused us of using her "banner depicting photos of my daughter who is a minor which is in (sic) endangering the welfare of a minor" yet she continues to post these photos of her daughter (or is it her new puppy?)

So, just who is Andrea Poole? As Susan Silverman said to Spenser, "That woman is a whack job." Based upon the content of her eBay About Me page (from March 2007), her feedbacks (received and given), the tone of her emails, and her attacks on her latest obsession, Tabberone, we would characterize her as a compulsive liar. As you read our tale, please note we provide details, facts, and documentation. Andrea Poole does not.

We first heard of Andrea Poole in March, 2007. She was then using the eBay ID of AdorableDecor. She appears to have been suspended by eBay in June, 2007, having since changed her eBay ID to TinyTotsNTeens on August 31, 2007. And, in our opinion, she's still infringing.

We got involved with Andrea Poole because someone emailed us about her. Seems they had contacted her to let her know the switch plates, decals, borders, etc, that she was making and selling on eBay were infringing. Why were they infringing? Because she was making them herself. The decals, for example, were being printed by her. She told them she could do it and quoted When we saw that, we investigated.

Not having her email address, we contacted her through eBay. We pointed out to her that "inspired by" was another way of saying "I'm infringing", and that from what we saw, she was. We also told her we didn't want her quoting our web site to justify her infringing actions. She didn't take this well. Her husband, Brandon Poole (she claims he is active Navy) responded with a rude and dismissive email on March 20, 2007. That email and her infringing activities earned Andrea Poole her spot in the Tabberone Trademark and Copyright Abusers' Hall Of Shame.

It seems that Andrea Poole, AdorableDecor, a stay-at-home Navy wife, developed a thriving business making "custom creations for your lil one!" According to her, "everything is customizable and handcrafted." Her artwork is "inspired" by others. Talk about some real talent here.

The problem arises when she uses the phrase that her designs are inspired by other decor on the market. She markets "wall stickers, switch plates, wall clocks and door signs to custom night lights and window art", all for the child's room or the nursery. But, what is the source of her materials? Ah, her inspiration! When she looks at a picture of Snoopy, she sees an adorable puppy and she copies it. OOPS! Did we use the "C" word? Yes, we did. She COPIES it. Shhhhh!

In one listing on eBay, item number 200001438905 (as of March 21, 2007), for a My Little Snoopy Sparkle Baby Nursery Wall Clock she openly states that this wall clock is "handcrafted". Further she states in her listing:

  • This was created by me
  • Hand detailed with sparkle, nice glossy look
  • Clock is 9 inches and white and requires 1 AA battery
  • Each clock face is customized. I do NOT use stickers or wallpaper on my clocks
  • I do NOT use paper or cardstock for my faces

So, what's the big deal, you say? Because we are not the copyright cops, or the trademark thugs, it isn't her listing, per se. It's what happened recently involving her that has created the problem and added her to the Hall Of Shame. Some other sellers on eBay contacted her to let her know that what she was doing was copyright and trademark infringement. They were trying to warn her that she was facing potential trouble. One example is her use of Snoopy in her listings to sell non-Peanuts items. While it's cute (or adorable), it's flat out infringing. (Using this image of Snoopy to sell Peanuts related items would also be infringing.) Her email address that we had was She's now also using

Her reply to words of wisdom from her fellow sellers was to rudely refer them to this web site for more information on infringement:
Read it and weep you asshole. And would you like a copy of my government id?

A little testy there, aren't we?. She appears to be someone who does not accept constructive criticism gracefully, or, at all. Adora-BullDecor may not play well with others. Not a good sign. Another response to a similar email was:

"Oh gimme a break. Isn't it past your bedtime already? You can call the president too if ya like. If Viacom wants to pull them, they will do so. Why the fuck do you care? Are you threatened in some way? Keep the emails coming, this is making for such a great report to ebay and issuing a harassment lawsuit. I hope you have invalid contact information because my husband will be getting a court order in the morning. You are messing with the wrong people dear"

The problem here is that people were trying to help her by warning her. She, and her husband, seem to consider it harassment. Well, AdorableDecor, you moron, you are infringing and you appear to be a 100% jerk (by the way, moron comes from the Greek moros which meant foolish or stupid). And, if your husband really thinks people are out to get you, he is a flaming idiot as well (from the Latin idiota, or ignorant person). And such language! If you cannot express yourself intelligently without resorting to profanity, you are pathetic. The fact that you deliberately include it in an email makes you even more pathetic. Do you think using profanity somehow enhances your persona so that others will fear you? They certainly will not respect you so you must be seeking the fear factor. And, making silly threats of "court orders" is so infantile. Even the military lawyers aren't going to help you there. Threats of this nature are so vacuous. Perhaps you would have come across as being more forceful had you threatened to smack him with a hand full of limp linguine. Imagine the possibilities: warm, wet, oozing; but we digress. Ah, the possibilities for adventure, but you went with the mundane. Sad.

Inspired is another word for copyright infringement. Tabberone does not consider any trademark or copyright information on this web site to be her property or to be copyrighted. Any trademark or copyright information on this web site is public domain as far as she is concerned. However, and there is always a "however" in life (quoting Reggie McDaniels), if someone uses the information on this web site to improperly support an infringement, that usage reflects badly upon Tabberone and she considers it a violation of her rights. After having been informed that someone was using her name in vain, Tabberone emailed AdorebaleDecor with the following admonition on March 20, 2007:

"It's come to my attention that when people come to you about the items you are listing you quote my website. You can not "draw from inspiration" that's infringing. You can't use licensed images of Snoopy to sell your items. You can use licensed materials like stickers or fabrics. You cannot draw these items yourself. That is infringement. If you are going to infringe on copyrights don't use my name saying that it's ok. It is not."

A response was not long in coming from Adora-BullDecor:

"What is the matter with you people? We don't quote anything, we don't even know who you are. If the rights owners have a problem with what we are selling, they will pull our auctions. I've had enough with you people harassing my wife. If this does not stop today, I will contact ebay and the authorities. What you people are doing is considered harassment and it will be reported.
You can pass this message along to the rest of your buddies. Don't contact us again."

What we have here folks, is a temper tantrum. AdorableDecor, a stay-at-home navy wife, wants to make money in her happy hemisphere, gleefully copying copyrighted materials and selling them, without anyone interfering with her theft of the intellectual property of others, and without any fiscal responsibility. She claims she is the largest seller on eBay of "nursery and bedroom decor". That's a lot of infringement from what we can see.

We do not take this responsibility lightly. We do not add anyone to the Hall Of Shame unless we feel they have earned it. The eBay Store Page for AdorableDecor says a lot about her (and her pea-brained husband). Not only does she have an image copy blocker (easily by-passed by the way), but she claims that these images are copyrighted by her, such as Bratz, Batman, Superman, Dora The Explorer, and Care Bears. WOW! She has granola! Don't mess with Andrea Poole, a stay-at-home Navy wife.

Here's just a sampling of Adora-BullDecor infringing offerings with pictures:

Andrea Poole's in the Hall of Shame because of her attitude, her very bad manners (and those of her husband), her wanton infringement, but most of all, her wrongful use of this web site to justify her blatant and obvious infringement. Her quoting this web site gives the false impression we condone infringement and that there is material on this web site supporting infringement. That simply is not true.

Most everything above was on the original eBay Store web page. In june of 2007, someone reported to us that Andrea Poole, AdorableDecor, had been suspended. So, being diligent, we updated our web page. Rather than extend this page, we have linked to the suspension information.

Then, on November 2, 2007, Andrea Poole, now operating as TinyTotsNTeens, sent us a cease & desist demand. This escalated into her having another temper tantrum. We have linked to this series of exchanges above.

In a fit of pique, and to have the last say, Andrea Poole, AdorableDecor / TinyTotsNTeens, or Ms Whack Job for short, started a blog at designed to bash Tabberone. When she started the blog, on Sunday November 5, she discovered people could post comments favorable to Tabberone. So, being the cunning whack job that she is, she blocked postings by moderating the comments (she had to approve them and/or edit them). And did she ever ramble. She posted a number of detrimental "comments" about Tabberone using "anonymous" and accused Tabberone of posting the favorable comments (which she did not do). And, her husband, Brandon Poole of the US Navy, chimes in with a silly email of his own. It runs in the family.

More about The Tabberone Chonicles here. Read these and then we believe you will agree with us that Andrea Poole, and husband Brandon Poole, a.k.a. AdorableDecor / TinyTotsNTeens, needs a new logo. How about this one?

A Bit Of Insanity

And, she has some sort of problem with Wal-Mart. This is reflected in her feedbacks as well as her emails to us. Then again, this is nothing more than a reflection of her affiliation with the "loony left" (Democrats call Republicans "right-wing conservatives" or the "religious right" and that makes Democrats the "loony left"). She has the advantage of government subsidized (read "taxpayer subsidized") shopping at the PX and commissary. There is no reason for her to bash Wal-Mart except for her politics. She supports the troops but not their mission; another mantra of the loony left. Typical left-wing loony statements and they have no logical place in an eBay Store page.

In many of her listings (and previously on her eBay Store) she makes this statement in bold red type:

Within the United States, shipping days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. ( Our post office is NOT local )

Raise the flag, boys! According to MapQuest, she lives LESS than 3 miles from a post office in La Mesa, about six minutes. That's not local? And there's a second post office about twelve miles away. Hey, Andrea? What's LOCAL to you? That it's not in your living room? What you really mean to say is that why should you put yourself out for your buyers. Based upon your feedbacks (received and given), you're doing them a favor just selling to them.

When we looked on December 26, 2007, Andrea had changed her shipping statement saying that certain items will be shipped the next day if purchased before 5pm pst (that's 1700 for you military types; for Brandon and FC1 Nicolas Howard, the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 5). Wow! What a concept. Service!




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