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Copyright Scams
Group Hall Of Shame Members
Added August 1, 2008

Last Updated - JAugust 9, 2011

As with any opportunity, there will always be those seeking to con someone out of their money. While researching, we discovered several companies that are conducting what we believe to be copyright scams. These scams take advantage of some ones lack of knowledge about what copyrights do, what copyrights protect and what copyrights do not protect. We believe these companies to be scams.

Copyright publication and deposit of material
Originally we only had the Copyright Deposit ( but we have found others. From the Copyright Deposit (as of August 1, 2008):

600 megs per year of secure archiving
storage for your material

It appears that for a fee, not only will they personally "copyright" your web site, or blog, but periodic updates are stored as well. Nowhere do they actually say they register your copyright with the copyright office, which it appears they do not, but the above wording certainly gives on the impression that they do.

Our second copyright scam company is called Copyright Name ( owned and operated by some yo-yo named Les Raketti. This web site claims absolute protection for those who copyright their names using this service. The problem they fail to disclose is that under federal law names are not copyrightable. Copyright Name and Les Raketti cleverly get around that with lies, exhausting drivel and obfuscation .

Our third company is more difficult to identify. Some nimrod who calls himself Milson Macleod has a web site titled which proclaims itself to be the absolute source for:

for the 21st Century
compiled from the world's most reliable sources

Copyright Creators has a flashy web site and great catch phrases but it still promises what it cannot deliver. Some hustler named Rene Corga ( Toronto, Ontario, Canada owns the web site. Many times this site uses the word "register". We believe that any reasonable person reading the claims would believe that their work would be registered with the appropriate government copyright office. We believe this wording is deliberate and that is designed to deceive. That makes this a deliberate lie.

Copyright Witness is owned and operated by Daymon Lester, 4 Tavistock Ave, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11-8NA, Great Britain. He owns and Daymon's business is based upon a carefully structured lie, like the others. He is selling a service no one really needs but, hey, there is a sucker born every minute.

My Free Copyright claims it protects your copyright for free. Out of the goodness of their heart we suppose. The problem is that your copyright is not protected just because they say it is. Also, the web site owner anonymously registered the web site name. An act we regard as highly suspicious.

CopyScape claims to be the premier search engine for locating plagiarism, and we assume copyright infringement, on the internet. For a fee, of course. That is, for their Premium Service. But do you really need them? Only paranoid webbies who think their intellectual ramblings have any value seek out internet services like these. Those who have real value know who they are and they do not listen to the voices in their heads.




In an effort to provide a balanced view, we make the following offer to anyone who feels they have been wrongly accused on this web site.

If you, or your company, have been referenced on these pages, and you would like the chance to post a rebuttal, we will post your rebuttal (provided it is in good taste) so others can read it. The rebuttal must be submitted in a format that can easily be converted into HTML. We reserve the right to alter the rebuttal to make it more readable. However, we will not alter the content (unless there is offensive material to be removed). We also reserve the right to comment on any rebuttal received. Emails protesting the content of this web site may be treated as rebuttals by us at our discretion.

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