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Edmund Burke

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January 13, 2010

Last Updated - January 13, 2010

The web site for Copyright-Name ( is owned by Les Raketti, 534 Railroad Ave, Suite 974, Sumas, Washington 98295. This same web site person seems to be associated with a number of other web sites which we will discuss after we discuss the copyright issues. Les Raketti appears to be an internet con artist lacking in victims.

Common Law Copyright Trade Mark Definations (sic) is the first thing a visitor sees on the web site, followed by the insane and preposterous claim:

Les Raketti

that someone can also copywrite your name and in effect have ownership of everything created in that name.

Les Raketti then goes on to make absurd and misinformed statements about the Uniform Commercial Code ("UCC"). Followed by a rambling dissertation about contracts. The solution? Establish Legal Title in Common Law. On the next page, titled Definations (sic), this judicial nit-wit runs sentences and thoughts together like the inside of a piñata after it has been smashed.

Les Raketti continues his gibberish under the heading, Doing Business Under Your Trade Name, wherein he claims that he, in his infinite wisdom and superior knowledge, can make your name into a "Trade Name" that will miraculously empower you with abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

In his little warped world, Les Raketti has created a fantasy that it seems others have bought into. They have hade their names "copyrighted" using the phony services of Copyright-Name. You see folks, under the US Constitution, copyrights are the sole responsibility of Congress. In 1976, Congress added to the copyright laws the provision that all items mentioned in federal copyright law fall under federal rules; those that were not mentioned belonged to the Several States under common law provisions. Federal copyright law specifically states that names cannot be copyrighted. Therefore, the common laws of the Several States cannot recognize a copyright in a name.

Les Raketti is lying. His "common law copyright" statement is so loaded with garbage it smells even through the computer screen.

The document for which Les Raketti, d.b.a. Copyright-Name, takes ones hard earned money, is idiotic, pretentious and lacking in legal enforceability. For example, Richard Shivallah Lewis, (, who has joined the ranks of the too-stupid-to-be-allowed-to-procreate, has a variety of stupid statements on his "common law copyright" page compliments of Les Raketti, d.b.a. Copyright-Name:

Said common-law trade-name/trade-mark, RICHARD SHIVALLAH LEWIS©, may neither be used, nor reproduced, neither in whole nor in part, nor in any manner whatsoever, without the prior, express, written consent and acknowledgment of Richard Shivallah Lewis© as signified by the red-ink signature of Richard Shivallah Lewis©, hereinafter "Secured Party."

Well, we certainly are afraid. Are not you? Are you sitting on a water-proof seat? You should be. By the way, who is Richard Shivallah Lewis©? Well, he has his own website ( ). Richard 'Shivallah' Lewis is an Australian born spiritual guide and catalyst (we read this to mean he is another whack-job who has escaped detention). He certainly is paranoid enough to believe in this "common law copyright" crap or he is outright lying to support a fellow whack-job, Les Raketti. Either way, his declaration is bogus and a fantasy. A trademark is used to designate the manufacturer or source of a product. The ONLY way a name can be used as a trademark is for an affidavit to be filed with the US Trademark Office from the person whose name is about to be registered. There is no "common law" exception to this.
Would you buy a used car from this man?

Self-executing Contract/Security Agreement in Event of Unauthorized Use: By this Copyright Notice, both the juristic person and the agent of said juristic person, hereinafter jointly and severally "User," consent and agree that any use of RICHARD SHIVALLAH LEWIS© other than authorized use as set forth above constitutes unauthorized use, counterfeiting, of Secured Party's common-law copyrighted property, contractually binds User, renders this Copyright Notice a Security Agreement wherein User is debtor and Richard Shivallah Lewis© is Secured Party, and signifies that User:

Do you have any idea what that paragraph says? Have you ever heard a more pious pile of shit in your life? First, there is no such thing as a Self-executing Contract. A contract under the law requires the consent of both parties before it is valid. A one-sided "contract" is not and never was valid. And, one cannot copyright a name. But, there is more:

(1) grants Secured Party a security interest in all of User's assets, land, and personal property, and all of User's interest in assets, land, and personal property, in the sum certain amount of $500,000.00 per each occurrence of use of the common-law-copyrighted trade-name/trade-mark RICHARD SHIVALLAH LEWIS©, as well as for each and every occurrence of use of any and all derivatives of, and variations in the spelling of, RICHARD SHIVALLAH LEWIS, plus costs, plus triple damages;

What Richard 'Shivallah' Lewis is claiming, (are you sitting down?), is that anyone who uses Richard 'Shivallah' Lewis's name must pay him $500,000.00 per each occurrence plus a multitude of other things claimed and waived. Image if this were actually legal. John Smith could register his name and the millions of other people named "Smith" in the world would have a really big problem. If it were legal. This is so obviously invalid and so obviously stupid we do not believe any rational person would do this.

Les Raketti also owns several other web site, or domain names. The U Of Money ( promotes the ownership and sale of gold bullion. Vision To Wealth ( appears to be one of those sites that scream, "Hey Sucker? Want to get rich?"

A posting on some website: "Vision To Wealth Solutions / Millionaire Club (Les Raketti)

The Asset Protection Information web site ( is a wasted effort because there is nothing there, literally. Les Raketti does post information on his Blog at Why is a Canadian architect giving Americans advice on forming LLCs?

We still think that Les Raketti is a con artist. A search of names "copyrighted" does not produce a "common law copyright" for Les Raketti. We wonder why?




In an effort to provide a balanced view, we make the following offer to anyone who feels they have been wrongly accused on this web site.

If you, or your company, have been referenced on these pages, and you would like the chance to post a rebuttal, we will post your rebuttal (provided it is in good taste) so others can read it. The rebuttal must be submitted in a format that can easily be converted into HTML. We reserve the right to alter the rebuttal to make it more readable. However, we will not alter the content (unless there is offensive material to be removed). We also reserve the right to comment on any rebuttal received. Emails protesting the content of this web site may be treated as rebuttals by us at our discretion.

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