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OpSec Security

Half-Assed Cyber Cops
Hall Of Shame Members
Added February 26, 2007

Inspired by Weak Victims. Driven by Fat Paychecks.

Last updated February 27, 2009

Besides their name being redundant, OpSec Security is a bit of a mystery. See if you can follow this information.

OpSec Security is owned by some European company. Their US contact telephone number, 410-357-4491, is a Baltimore Area Code but their web site, opsecsecurity.com, is registered to Applied Optical Technologies, 535 16th Street Suite 920, Denver, CO 80202, Phone: 303 534 4500. However, appliedopticaltech.com, the web site for Applied Optical Technologies is registered to a company address in Toronto, Canada. OpSec Security doesn't have any offices in Canada.

OpSec Security has a glitzey web site claiming revenues of some 33 million British pounds for 2008 while protecting some 250 global brands, yada, yada, yada. All hype and chest beating. Their map of the world shows a lot of little blips to make them appear bigger and better than they really are. What they leave out is that they have joined the ranks of dirty little low life cyber cops.

Fancy web sites combined with multiple domain names and plenty of self-serving publicity does not make for a reputable company. That requires legal knowledge and ethical behavior, neither of which we have seen from OpSec Security. In September of 2008, OpSec Security "partnered" with the Collegiate Licensing Partnership Association "CLPA") to police the use of trademarks belonging to colleges and universities. Can you see where this is going? Beginning around February 24, 2009, OpSec and CLPA started a rampage shutting down eBay auctions by sellers who had lawfully purchased licensed collegiate fabric, made items from the fabric, and were attempting to sell those items on eBay.

However, in Precious Moments vs La Infantil, the federal court found "that the necessary element of originality is absent from the items manufactured for La Infantil from the Precious Moments fabric" and denied Precious Moments an injunction. We've shown you ours, OpSec, you show us yours.

We're sure we'll be adding more information to this page. Cyber cops finding taking advantage of weak opponents is addicting because it fattens their wallets. Those Work At Home Moms ("WAHM") whose auctions you terminated can't fight back because they lack the resources. But you were already counting on that, weren't you?

Known Low Life Clients: Collegiate Licensing Partnership Association and the Licensing Resource Group.

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