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Last Updated August 21, 2008

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August 21, 2008 ~ Sometimes good things just fall into your lap if you wait long enough. Today, we received an email from someone who claimed to be an ex-employee of Sykel and Sy Garfinkel. The email says some interesting things about Sy Garfinkel. The sender did not give us his/her return email address. The entire email is as follows:

Trademark Question
Sent: Thu 8/21/08 11:16 AM

FirstName: xworker 4 sykel
LastName: same
comments: you should see how he trats his worker.I only had the exp to work for for a lil while. but i have never worked for such a snake in my life. he has no respect for human life how does people work for him its amazing cause i cant find another word. i mean i coul but im above him. email:
This e-mail was generated from a form submission on your website:

Doesn't it just sound so-o-o-o good? Fits right into what we would love to broadcast to the world about Sy Garfinkel and Sykel Enterprises.

Except, we can't. There are problems with the email. The primary problem is the IP address of the party who sent the email. The IP address was saved as This IP address, according to Whois at Network Solutions, resolves back to:

Your WHOIS Search Results
Record Type: IP Address

PaeTec Communications, Inc. PAETECCOMM (NET-66-251-0-0-1) - SYKEL ENTERPRISES PAET-NY-SYKEL-1 (NET-66-251-64-136-1) -

You see our problem here, don't you? Hey Sy, we're glad you figured out how to unlock the CAPS key on your computer.