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  "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

We will no longer refer to Sy as a Pompous Twit because we believe that even a pompous twit can have redeeming qualities. But not Sy Garfinkel of Sykel Enterprises, a division of Fabrique Innovations. He has graduated to being a Full-Blown Flaming Asshole of the first degree. How did he manage that, you ask? We'll gladly tell you.

If Sy Garfinkel of Sykel Enterprises, a division of Fabrique Innovations, had a case for claiming people were infringing upon his licenses, or that they were making unlicensed products from his fabric, he could easly stop them by going into federal court and filing a lawsuit. But, he doesn't have a case, so he won't sue. All he'll do is whine, whine, whine. Sy, want some cheese with that whine?

Sy, we're willing to bet our female dog is better hung than you are. You're a pussy. Can you "meow"? We've been telling you for a long time now to stop because you have no right to pester people who are not doing anything illegal. You even had your jerkwad lawyer, Darren B. Cohen, from Reed Smith LLP, send us a silly threatening Cease And Desist letter. And we told you, and him, to shove it where the sun don't shine. That was February 25, 2006 and neither you or your jerkwad lawyer, Darren B. Cohen, of Reed Smith LLP, have followed through on your threats of suing us. Why Not? No Balls, that's why, Sy. (Don't you just love poetry?)

Since Sy Garfinkel of Sykel Enterprises, a division of Fabrique Innovations, was unable to get people to stop selling his fabric, falsely claiming they were violating his licensing agreement with the Collegiate Licensing Company, he has begun other simpleton tactics. He's now threatening to contact the IRS and state sales tax agencies and report people for tax evasion. We're not kidding! read the email yourself. Sy, you're giving morons a bad name. Get you head out of your ass, boy! You might like the view better!

You've lost it, Sy. If these people were actually making unlicensed products, it would be up to the entity that owned the trademarked images to tell them to stop, or take them to court. You don't own those images, you yo-yo, you only have a license to use them on fabric. Personally, since you appear to be mad as a hatter, we don't believe it is good business for those colleges and universities to be doing business with someone as unstable as you. Sy, the medication was intended to be taken on a scheduled basis. Obviously you are not taking your medication and it shows from your actions. You lithium is very low. Resume taking your meds and be a good boy and stop threatening innocent people.

Why are you doing all of this nonsense, Sy? Is business that slow? Do you crave attention? Did your mommy properly potty train you? Did you play with your poop? Did the family cat try to bury you in the sandbox? Are you inadequate? Are you in New York? Did you experiment with mind-altering drugs as a lad? Are you lonely? Don't you have cable for amusement? Inquiring minds want to know. Perhaps Freud was right: you have penis envy.

Sy, why not have your jerkwad lawyer, Darren B. Cohen, of Reed Smith LLP, send us another silly threatening letter? We haven't had a good laugh in a l-o-n-g time. Or, you could just drop your drawers. That would be good for a giggle or two.

Hey, Sy!
Sy Garfinkel of Sykel Enterprises, a division of Fabrique Innovations, Has Become A Flamming Asshole!!
Kiss this!