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From : fortheloveoffabric
Sent : Wednesday, January 4, 2006 1:04 PM
To :
CC :
Subject : RE: Question for item #8247711666 - KU Kansas Jayhawks FLEECE FABRIC Panel !!!

Hello, 1)You did sell the fabric to a fabric store, I do have a bricks and mortor building. I purchased this fabric, and your wonderful honest sales reps gave me a horrible price. The cost I purchased it at, is the sell price at walmart. I cant move the fabric to save my life. Therefore to break even on this purchase from your company, I am selling some on Ebay to move it. As you stated, your license permits you to sell to fabric stores/mass merchants, and that is what you did. I do not see a violation here.

In addition, I am receiving complaints from my customers, who say the fabric is thin, and pills easily. I dont not sell product of low quality, and was very disappointed with my purchase.

2) This fabric is being sold in 1 yard quantites to individuals for personal use. It is unlikely that someone will buy 1 yard for resale. Please use some logic here. I am not acting as a rep, that should be obvious at the prices I am selling it at.

Furthermore, your license does not entitle you to control the third party market, nor can I as a retailer. What people make with fabric from my store is out of my control. I cannot go to their homes and make sure they dont sell it to someone else.

Furthermore, I have learned much about your company, and will not be placing reorders. I also encourage and do my best to increase awareness about poor companys, and my experience with you as a vendor. See you at the next show!!!!

All further communication will directed directly to my lawyer.

The below may be of interest to you:

I wish I had read this before I placed an order with your company,