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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

b. Customer Sophistication:

It is not disputed that the revolvers at issue, while ranging in price, are a significant investment. See Def. Br. Supp. Summ. J. at 55 (stating price range for single action revolvers from $375 to over $1900). Furthermore, it is undisputed that potential customers will exercise great care in purchasing a revolver. Id. at 55-56. Defendants argue that these facts suggest that customers are not confused between the two brands of revolvers and require a finding that this factor weighs in their favor. Plaintiffs advance two arguments with respect to customer sophistication: 1) that the sophistication of customers alone does not resolve the issue of confusion, and 2) that customer sophistication, while potentially relevant to point of sale confusion, it is not equally relevant towards assessing initial interest confusion, post-sale confusion, and confusion as to source sponsorship or affiliation. Pl. Br. Opp. Summ. J. at 52-53. Plaintiffs' arguments seem a concession that customer sophistication, at least with respect to point of sale confusion, weighs in favor of Defendants. Regardless, as stated above, no one factor in this analysis is dispositive, Estee Lauder, 108 F.3d at 1510, and while customer sophistication may be less relevant outside of point of sale confusion, Plaintiffs have offered no evidence that definitively speaks to this sort of confusion. Accordingly, based on the undisputed facts, this factor must weigh against Plaintiff. However, it should be noted that when "there is a high degree of similarity between the parties' services and marks, the sophistication of the buyers cannot be relied on to prevent confusion." Morningside Group, Ltd. v. Morningside Capital Group, L.L.C., 182 F.3d 133, 143 (2d Cir.1999).


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